9’’ waste management decanter centrifuge in USA

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge description

GNLW223 is a 9’’ mini size decanter centrifuge. 9 inch means the size of the centrifuge bowl diameter.

The GN Mini GNLW223 Series Centrifuge is specially designed for small capacity, small footprint and fine solids separation.

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge application scope

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge is designed to cater for drilling fluids recycling in different drilling site, such as:

1) Mining drilling rigs, e.g.: diamond drilling.

Remarks: GN also offers complete tank system with min shaker for optional.

2) For waste water treatment with super high speed, such as for oily sludge separation

3) For drilling waste management 

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge technical description

1) Centrifuge model: GNLW223

2) Max. capacity: 150 Liters/Min

3) Normal capacity: 100 Liters/Min

4) Bowl diameter: 220mm

5) Max. bowl speed: 4900rpm

6) Typical bowl speed: 3800rpm / 4500rpm (Customer choose suitable typical speed per jobsite condition and advice GN before order)

7) G-force (typical): 1770

8) Main drive Horsepower: 15hp (11kw)   (Single motor design. Back drive motor not available)

9) Conveyor type: Axial

10) Gearbox ratio: 57:1

Production Standard API Q1 & ISO/TS29001 & ISO 9001:2008

Stainless steel material: Bowl, Conveyor, Main body made from Stainless Steel:SS316L

Abrasion Protection:

Screw protected by Tungsten Carbide Tiles.

Solids Discharge Port protected by interchangeable Tungsten Carbon Alloy

Explosion Proof Motor And Control Panel:

USA UL / Europe ATEX Certified Motor option available.

Normally explosion proof Mark: Exd II Bt4 (Class I, Division I)

GN Solid America is a branch brand belongs to GN Solids Control (China). GN offers stock centrifuge in China and in U.S.A for sale. Beside sales services, GN Solids America offers rental service within U.S.A. Till now; customer can rent decanter centrifuge normal size and big bowl from GN Houston warehouse, and vertical cuttings dryer for water base mud, oil base mud and synthetic base mud drilling cuttings.  

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Drilling Liquids Recycling Centrifuge

From now on, we've sent many centrifuges to Africa position for recycling drilling liquids. Our decanter centrifuge suits for that Africa mud condition and effectively remove fine solids within the drilling liquids. Africa clients have previously recognized GN brand centrifuge primary partner.

Why Must We Recovery the Drilling Liquids?

First of all, drilling liquids is really a considerable potential harmful material towards the sensitive atmosphere when contaminated. Proper process contaminated drilling liquids for purified and uncontaminated water to become released into atmosphere. However, lot of drilling liquids costs much cash for drilling companies. It's important to recovery drilling fluid to be able to control budget and keep the correct mud weight and viscosity. Therefore, drilling liquids and solids control system are inextricable link within the drilling process.

What Drilling Company Choose GN Decanter Centrifuge

Mechanical separation of solids from drilling liquids system by using a decanter centrifuge is a powerful way of keeping proper mud viscosity and density. In compliance with customer’s requirement, we provide three kind of centrifuge including high-speed, middle speed and occasional speed centrifuge to satisfy customer’s anticipation. Top standard material and tungsten carbide tiles make sure the machine lifespan. VFD user interface and glued speed user interface offer good way to operate the centrifuge. Not just supply the single centrifuge but additionally we provide the feeding pump and ancillary equipment for the task. If you have any issues to cope with, our after purchase team and our area specialist immediately supply the solution even arrived at your jobsite providing the best assistance. GN horizontal decanting centrifuges are requested a huge area of programs in Africa where drilling fluid along with a solid need to be continuously separated.

GN solids control is the owner of a sizable decanter centrifuge and relative parts inventory and respond rapidly to customers' needs around the globe.

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Inexpensive top quality centrifuge for drilling rig

Decanter centrifuge can be the efficient equipment utilized to treat drilling liquids in oil and gas drilling, in CBM drilling and also in TBM projects.

To be able to meet different customers’ request, GN Solids Control have different model high-speed centrifuge GNLW363 and low speed centrifuge GNLW452, with large bowl centrifuge GNLW553, GNLW453, normal size centrifuge 14’’ and also the mini centrifuge GNLW223.

GN Solids Control is now the most professional Chinese manufacturer in oil and gas drilling area. It can make high standard decanter centrifuge to look after worldwide market who's concerning on the top quality. GN also makes economic standard to contend with China normal brand, cost low but the quality still much better than other normal Chinese brand.

Difference between GN high standard and GN economic standard

1) Bowl material and conveyer:

High standard centrifuges use Duplex Stainless 2205 by centrifugal casting, while economic standard use stainless 304 material

2) Screw protection

High standard centrifuges use interchangeable Tungsten Carbide Tiles, while economic standard centrifuge use ceramic tiles.

Remarks: Normal Chinese brand just use hard surface welding. The security materials are very thin. It is not easy for maintenance or prepare.

3) Bearing brand:

High standard centrifuges use famous label SKF / FAG original bearing. While economic standard use NSK brand bearing.

4) VFD control system

High standard centrifuges are 3 VFD for primary drive motor, back drive motor and feeding pump. It uses PLC for wise control. The VFD panel is positive pressurized for hazardous areas. With ATEX or IEC standard for option.

GN different standard decanter centrifuge can be used as both solids control and drilling waste management area. For those who have any inquire or any question on mud solids control & drilling waste management area, please make a contact GN Solids Control Company for solution.

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GN Decanter Centrifuge shipped from American Warehouse to Customer

GN Solids Control is a top manufacturer that produces solids control equipment in China, and it has developed the foremost and greatest America based solids control company last year. After almost three months’ preparation, GN already has its own American warehouse have inventory now. The first batch of inventory to America was shipped in September2014, and GN primary items will always be available in American warehouse, for example shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and shaker screens. Regarding to decanter centrifuge, GN stocks fixed speed ones and VFD ones in American warehouse, such as GNLW363BG-VFD decanter centrifuge, the most widely utilized model, taking up 70% in most GN Offered decanter centrifuges, almost 150 sets annually.

Lately, a GNLW363 fixed speed decanter centrifuge continues to be shipped to 1 of their clients from America warehouse, therefore the delivery is prompt and takes a shorter period than delivering from China. This fixed speed decanter centrifuge has two choices for speed with various pulleys. The first is 2500 revolutions per minute, which is often utilized for barite recycling, and yet another is 3200 revolutions per minute which is often utilized for ultra-fine solids separation. For many drilling projects using drilling mud to separate solids, GN would propose a 2-decanter centrifuge system: the low speed decanter centrifuge is to take away the most solids and also the high speed is to get rid of the ultra-fine solids.

For drilling waste cutting management, typically the most popular model GNLW363BG-VFD is an ideal choice with touch PLC control panel for primary motor speed, back drives motor speed, and feeding pump speed. The operator can set the above mentioned data to help make the decanter centrifuge perform within the best condition in compliance using the altering mud condition. It's a method to safeguard the device and save cost.

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Several factors to modify the working capacity of decanter centrifuge

Now GN Solids Control has various kinds of decanter centrifuges, the handling capacity vary from 40 GPM to 484 GPM. As everyone knows, decanter centrifuge are made and manufactured for separating the drilling solids which diameter is principally below 10 microns. But for unprofessional people, we may not know why the handling capacity could vary a great deal.

You will find some parameters, like the diameter of the bowl, the size of the bowl, the positioning of the liquid outlet, the positioning of the discharge port and also the rotating speed from the bowl along with the rotating speed from the inner propeller. Through these parameters, the bowl’s diameter and also the bowl’s length are a couple of primary factors we usually spoken a great deal.

It is easy to know whenever a bowl having a bigger diameter along with a bigger length, it's a lot more working room space to deal with the drilling liquids meaning it has to possess a bigger capacity.

Sometimes, we'll access one bowl through the ration of length and diameter, which we named f (f=Length/ Diameter) here. Because we usually design the bowl diameter from 9 inch to 22 inch, and also the length from 26 inch to 71 inch, so it’s very common the f is varying from three to eight.

Some designers believe the decanter centrifuge should working in a high-speed and the f should be large. Thinking about the fierce vibration from the whole decanter centrifuge, the rate can't be over 4500 r/m. In the speed of 4500 r/m the interior parts (for example inlet pipe) will damaged in a brief period. Based on the former encounters, rotating speed at 3800 r/m (with bowl diameter in 22 inch and bowl length in 71 inch) satisfies probably the most separation demands.

For finer separation, GN suggests to make use of two decanter centrifuges. Besides, GN has mini decanter centrifuge specifically for diamond drilling. Any particulars, thanks for visiting email to thomas@gnsolidcontrol.com



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