Economic Mud De-sanding System for Drilling Cost Decreasing

GN is known to customers as being a specialized manufacturer of drilling mud cleaning system. Even though, the drilling mud system is classified as per diverse drilling project like essential oil gas drilling, CBM drilling, water well drilling, diamonds core drilling, horizontal online drilling and piling. Consequently , there are different mud-cleaning-systems appropriate for specified project.
Oil and gas drilling mud cleaning system needs full line solids control equipment and a large number of mud tank that are used to retail store the active drilling mud. The cost of this overall deal mud system is really large. Not all the drilling requirements large mud storage capacity. There are many drilling contractors doing work in the construction industry. A typical example of this is the piling job. Adding is an early stage task for modern viaduct and edifice construction. It doesn’t involve very clear drilling mud to become treated with less fine solids. A single de-sander would be ample for the mud cleaning.
Oilfield Mud Cleaner

GN did spend much time along with funds on design and also perfection of this type mud cleaning unit. Single de-sander cyclone unit may not sufficient to remove the solids, therefore GN’s de-sanding unit comes with an under located dry skin shaker. A buffer tank is beneath the drying shaker to catch the drilling mud drilling through the screen. Why this de-sanding model is cost effective, as it just includes cyclone and shale shaker unit.
It is worthwhile to mention is that this mud de-sanding unit could be connected with extra mud tank for significant mud capacity application, Just as the small HDD project. Owner can also add one independent skid mounted jet mud mixer to make a self-contained drilling mud system. The layout on this system could be much widely with less limitation on the jobsite area.
Every year, GN sends over 20 this kind de-sanding unit to the client. By choosing GN’s equipment, you may also get a recommended wear list of parts and user manual to help for easily operation and also future maintenance.


GN decanter centrifuges for African Customer

GN Solids Control got one large order in Jan, 2015 on decanter centrifuges. Through the effort of GN employees, GN Solids Control is success to fabricate this huge quantity in a period. The scientific manufacture plan and experience workers pay an excellent contribution with this large order.

After several weeks manufacturing, GN has finished all of the material prepare, manufacturing, testing etc. the lead time consists of the Chinese spring festival holiday, which is a really unbelievable lead time for African client.

This African client came to GN to complete the inspection with two engineers. And they're pretty satisfied with the decanter centrifuges and provide a higher prize to GN speed. Soon, GN Solids Control has a much further cooperation with this particular African client, which is win-win cooperation undoubtedly.

Usually, GN decanter centrifuges can be used for separate solids that bigger than two or three microns. All of the mud emerge form shale shakers or mud cleansers could be feed in to the decanter centrifuges directly. The treating capacity of GN decanter centrifuge isn't necessarily exactly the same due different mud densities, viscosities etc.

Two GN decanter centrifuges could be one unit, the first is middle speed and the second is GN high-speed decanter centrifuge. The first can be used as treating the majority of the solids inside a large capacity, while the second is targeted to split up solids with finer dimensions.

As more clients give consideration towards the environment protection, and then try to get just as much oil as you possibly can from OBM, GN drilling waste management systems will also be broadly used. The decanter centrifuge may be used along with cuttings dryer. Mud can from cuttings dryer could be feed to decanter centrifuge for more separation. And solids could be separated out by utilizing GN cutting dryer ahead of time the oil can also be recycled throughout this separating process.

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GN Decanter Centrifuge to Africa Customer

Being an expert in solids control equipment and system, GN solids control manufactures and exports an entire set solids control equipment and system including liner motion shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge. In the past few months, GN solids control received a repeated order by a client that GN has cooperated with for 3 years, and the customer is pleased with GN decanter centrifuge, top quality with competitive cost. And this time around, GN has upgraded the perception of more stable and performance with several update.

The update decanter centrifuges continues to have the below the best-selling last edition.

1. The cylindrical and conical portion of the bowl is created form duplex stainless 2205 what's best than stainless 316L. Stainless 316 is definitely adopted by China’s other solids control company, even stainless 304 is adopted.

2. The bowl is produced by centrifugal cast meaning the bowl includes a better balance. Just the decanter centrifuges pass the total amount test, they may be shipped.

3. Tungsten carbide tile is attached around the screws to safeguard the screw from put on, so when the tungsten carbide tiles are worn-out, it is simple and easy to replace re-doing the total amount test.

For this decanter centrifuge, you will find more advantages:

1. Solids discharge cover is added over the solids discharge port to avoid the solids released towards the inner cover of bowl.

2. Special ceramic drilling mud distribution port around the screw will extend the decanter centrifuge’s service existence.

GN solids has managed to get policy that GN solids control could keep to update its product for much better quality and supply better services. It's a wonderful begin in 2015 using the large order from the customer, and GN will perform well in the whole year.

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Decanter centrifuge with VFD control panel

You will find fixed speed control and variable frequency control for oilfield decanter centrifuge. For fix speed user interface, the centrifuge speed is dependent around the lever and belt. The rate is bound and can't be change.

For VFD user interface for decanter centrifuge, the centrifuge max. running speed with respect to the lever and belt. With the charge of VFD panel, centrifuge speed could be modified from 0 towards the max. speed, to in the set min. towards the set. max. speed.

You will find normally 3 VFD control for decanter centrifuge with the VFD panel.

1) The first VFD is VFD control for primary motor. Decanter centrifuge speed could be transformed via alter the frequency of primary drive motor. Most centrifuge providers, they'll choose VFD control for that primary motor drive.

2) The 2nd VFD is VFD control for back drive motor. The part of back drive motor is cooperating to alter the centrifuge differential speed. Differential speed may be the primary step to affect separation result.

Formula: Differential speed = Bowl input speed - conveyor input speed / the differential ratio.

The differential ratio speed is really a fixed speed, when both Bowl input speed and conveyor input speed changeable, customer is much more flexible to obtain more reasonable differential speed.

3) The 3rd VFD is VFD control for centrifuge feeding pump. Many centrifuge providers, they don't choose this VFD control. GN Solids Control company VFD centrifuge with VFD control for feeding pump and thru PLC system to understand automatic wise charge of the centrifuge.

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer on oilfield decanter centrifuge. Each year, they offer 200~300 sets different model centrifuges to worldwide nations, like U.S.A, Canada, Belgium, Cyprus, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, South america, Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Yemen, etc…

Besides oilfield decanter centrifuges, GN Solids Control offers linear motion shale shaker, mud cleaner for solids control and vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste management. For additional inquires, greet you visit GN website or send mail to for inquire.

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Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge for Africa Drilling Rig Program

GN decanter centrifuge is a vital component in drilling liquids cleaning system on the drilling rig. To keep drilling fluid within an optimum condition leads to less wastage, a higher efficiency from the solids control system and reduced operating cost. Particularly in Africa oil & gas drilling market, GN decanter centrifuges are identified by the drilling company, Oil & Gas Company and contractor.


1. For separating fine contaminants or solids, mechanical separation of solids from drilling liquids by using a decanter centrifuge is really a highly-effective way of maintaining proper drilling mud density and viscosity. GN decanter centrifuges have abilities to keep the mud condition inside the recommended range based on drilling program. Generally, decanter centrifuges would be the last processing within the closed loop solids control system.

In weighted drilling mud, decanter centrifuge recover a lot of heavy barite, which is used again within the drilling liquids system. Within the general application, centrifuges are utilized for getting rid of the fine solids and contaminants.

In dewatering systems, decanter centrifuge considerably reclaim the liquids and enhance solids control system efficiency


Decanter centrifuge model: GNLW363CG

1.14” bowl diameter with 50” length for 130gpm capacity

2. Explosion proof standard motor and user interface assure the safe working atmosphere.

3. Ceramic protection and different design feeding method assure GN decanter centrifuge sturdiness

4. Simple adjustable liquid pond control water content of solids.

5. Variable speed drive can also be obtainable in GN decanter centrifuge to regulate the rate from Revolutions per minute to 3200 Revolutions per minute to be able to satisfy different mud condition.

According to your process needs, we wish to optimize your decanter selection including large capacity of centrifuge GNLW553 with 400GPM, high rotary speed of decanter centrifuge GNLW223 with 3800RPM and occasional gravity GNLS452 for barite recovery application. GN decanter centrifuge is dependent on your actual requirement.

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