GN After Sales Team in Cyprus to Do Commission for GN Drilling Waste Management System

As brief introduced in last blog of the main working principle and equipment, GN drilling waste management system is always used on drilling site. But for the one in Cyprus, the customer collected drilling cuttings from the site and stored them in big pits. During the commissioning in Cyprus, after about four days preparing work, we finishing made it, and the customer is very satisfied with the treating effect of vertical cutting dryer.

Firstly, we fixed the main equipment ( vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge) and feeding pump the support frame. And then we lifted the whole system to the using site near the cutting pits. One problem is that the platform is a slope surface with about 5 angles. Finally, the customer chose a relatively plat ground to place the whole system, but the distance exceed the length of feeding screw conveyor for vertical cutting dryer. While the customer figured it out by using container to pour cutting into a hopper, and the fall into the feeding screw conveyor. Then there is liquid floats on the surface of cuttings which is impossible to delivered into vertical cutting dryers with up slope screw conveyors. While we mixed it when pouring the cutting into the container from the pits. Finally, we finished assembly. And our engineer has tested all the machine in a good condition.

After all the preparation work, we started the testing work. The treating effect was satisfying, and the customer very pleased with that. Though working on the site is hard, but it is fruitful that GN machine can meets customer’s requirements. GN has always stick to an excellent after sales service. Also GN is improving its product regularly. The vertical cutting dryer used in this system is second generation.

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The Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying Equipment: Hi G Shaker and Verti G Dryer

In the past solids control procedure, the solids after treated by the primary shale shaker would be collected in the ground pool and after few days natural drying, then delivered for further treatment. That was a job waste of much time, and remain large content liquid in the cuttings cannot be recovered immediately which is also a high cost for the drilling fluids. With the issuing of regulation for environmental protection during drilling industry, the operator more and more take measures to recover the liquid in the waste cuttings as much as possible and try to finish that job as fast as possible. Thus the drilling waste cuttings equipment arises at the historic moment.

According to the most used 2 type drilling fluids: oil base mud and water base mud, there are 2 types’ cuttings drying equipment for the operator to choose.

For the water base drilling cuttings, the operator always choose the Hi G dryer to dry the cuttings. This kind of shaker is with high G force, like the GN brand shale shaker GNZS594 up to 8. And another feature for this type drying shaker is large screen area that would make the cuttings stay longer time on the screen so that more liquid would be separated. Comparing with Vertical cuttings dryer, the Hi G drying shaker is cost less. And it is recommended for the projects don’t request very dry cuttings and small budget. 

The Verti G cuttings dryer is very popular equipment in waste cuttings drying projects. It could be used for oil base cuttings. While GN’s cutting dryer model of GNCD930 could be used for both the water base cuttings and oil base cuttings. Cuttings dryer could reduce the liquid content in the cuttings down to 5 percent. The performance is much better than the drying shaker.

No matter to choose a drying shaker or a verti G cuttings dryer, the treated fluids have to be fed to high speed decanter centrifuge for further treatment. Thus much finer solids particles could be removed out.

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer who could provide both the Hi G drying shaker and Verti G cuttings dryer. Your inquiries on drilling waste cuttings management equipment are welcomed.

Drilling Waste Management System Introduction

Consider the environment before you print. We are familiar with this notice. In drilling applications, it is more than print, as we are producing waste to the environment. Then we have to solve these wastes before we dump out. That is how solids control mud system comes to us; then because of this, more particular on environmente protection, we have to use drilling waste management system.

1. Main Equipment

Normally a drilling waste management system including a) cuttings dryer  b) decanter centrifuge c) feeding pumps for centrifuge, flushing pump for cuttings dryer. 

Also stand & Telescope frame for the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge, Intermediate tank for the clean mud between the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge. 

Optional equipment including screw convery for: feeding the cuttings dryer, from shaker disposal, or anywhere; connect the solids cuttings from the cuttings dryer, or decanter centrifuge depends on different operation site.

2. Operantion Process

Disposal from rig site after shale shaker, mud cleaner connected by the screw conveyor, or from stock mud pit by pumps, to the cuttings dryer, 

After treated by the cuttings dryer, the fluids go to intermidete tank, pumped by a centrifuge feeding pump, after treated by the centrifuge, useful mud are collected for recycling; cuttings also collected for recycle, or by further process to make it OK to dump to the environment.

3. How to Choose the Right Drilling Waste Management System

The cuttings dryer, before improved for oil gas drilling DWM, it is used widely in mining, and there is not many good suppliers in the world. GN Solids Control also learn and improve from mining dryer supplier, learning from the suppliers who already did well. Then we test the system with Shell. Uh, the result you already know, they are buying more and more from us. 

The centrifuge, GN Solids Control also upgrade to international standards, accepted by oversea market. 

Feel free to contact to get more infomation.

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