Drilling Waste Management system to Africa jobsite

As the most professional drilling waste material management system manufacture with China, we have sold above 30 sets of regular complete drilling waste management systems to Africa, Center east, Russia, Australia, Dalam negeri and Europe market. Particularly for Africa market, we marketed a lot of standard and custom made drilling cuttings treatment in order to drilling service companies. A part of our case study as beneath:
1 Our sales in addition to after-sales service team just simply came back from a drilling computer in Nigeria, they simply finished the commission assistance successfully for 3 value packs of drilling waste management systems.
Drilling Waste Management system t

The equipments collection include:
3 sets connected with vertical cuttings dryer
some sets of VFD decanter centrifuges
9 progressive tooth cavity pumps, 6 for nourishing decanter centrifuges, 3 with regard to flushing the cuttings dryer.
15 screw conveyors intended for transfer drilling cuttings, each one dryer need one serving screw conveyor, one solids discharge conveyor, each centrifuge need one solids produce conveyor.

(2) 2 Package Drilling spend management equipment to Cameras,
The identical client bought 2 models of same drilling waste material management system, including 3 vertical cuttings dryer in addition to 4 decanter centrifuge along with telescopic skid and nourishing pumps, screw conveyors.
(3) Containerized drilling waste management system,
1 sets of usable cuttings dryer, 1 group of double deck high H dryer, 1 set of decanter centrifuge all installed inside container with opened entrance and windows, stairs, handrail, walkways are available.
(4) Various units of decanter centrifuges shipping to Africa mud service companies,
They are shipped simply by 2 batches to reduce typically the delivery time as the client’s request.
(5) Decanter centrifuge working for offshore rig within Africa,
Not only for land rigs, our drilling waste decanter centrifuge can be also employed for offshore cuttings treatment, and fewer the drilling waste whenever you can.
…and more cases please check with GN solids control sales, or follow GN updated news.

Vertical cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management

Vertical cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge (high-speed / large bowl) can be the 2 most typical machines for drilling waste cuttings treatment. They used together. Their primary function is utilizing centrifugal pressure to split up solids from drilling mud. But they also have different programs.

Programs of Vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste management

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer utilizes centrifugal pressure to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base mud cuttings. It is also accustomed to treat water base mud cuttings. A stainless-steel screen bowl traps “wet” solids and speeds up them up 900RPM with G pressure as much as 420. Liquid needs with the screen bowl openings, while “dry” contaminants are released through the tilted plane tickets connected to the cone, which rotate slightly reduced compared to bowl. Tungsten carbide guarantees lengthy operational existence.

Programs of decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management

GN makes different dimensions decanter centrifuge. You will find 8 inch baby centrifuge, 14 inch normal size decanter centrifuge, 18’’ and 22” large bowl centrifuge. Drilling waste management normally utilize high centrifuge pressure to split up fine solids. Take GN 14 inch decanter centrifuge for instance, the max. Speed is 3900rpm. Typical speed with load can achieve as much as 3200rpm, and also the G force is 2062 @ 3200rpm. The separation point is 2~5 microns.

Difference of Vertical cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge in drilling waste management system

Drilling waste management system is also known as drilling cuttings drying system. Vertical cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge can be the primary machine from the drying system. Using its patent design, GN vertical cuttings dryer can be used as oil base mud and water base mud, in addition to SBM. With similar system, customer can treat a myriad of drilling waste cuttings.

In drying mud system, vertical cuttings dryer can be used first of all to split up the coarse solids in cuttings. And also the released solids are drying out enough for truck shipment. Take GNCD930C dryer for instance, when treat Oil base mud, after treatment, OOC could be reduced close to 4%).

After vertical cuttings dryer, you will find high-content fine solids within the liquid phase, decanter centrifuge can be used to help separate the fine solids and lower the mud weight.

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Standard Drilling Mud Solids Control System for Oil & Gas Rig

Solids Control system is among the 8 systems for gas and oil drilling rig. And it can be regarded as like a complete closed loop system, which is often used for finding the drilling mud in the well and separating out around drilling cuttings, then transfer the drilling mud into the drilling system.

Inside a complete drilling mud solids control system, or sometimes it is called drilling mud recycling or cleaning system, you will find 4 steps of solids control and 5 steps cleaning. Exactly what do they mean?

What's 4 steps solids control?

Solids control, words speak the meaning, to manage the solids phase within the drilling mud towards the minimum. You will find 4 steps of solids control tools.

1. Linear motional Shale Shaker, through the vibration from the shaker deck, the solids contaminants bigger than 100 microns are separated out. Shale shaker is easily the most efficient equipment. Drilling mud in the well falls straight to the shakers buffer box. So shale shaker needs no feeding pumps.

2. Desander cones, made up of several ten inch hydracyclone made from memory material can be used for separating the solids contaminants bigger than 40 microns. Quantity of ten inch hydracyclone is dependent around the dealing with capacity.

3. Desilter cones, made up of several 4 inch hydracyclone made from memory material, utilized for separation of solids contaminants bigger than 25 microns. Just like desander, this QTY also differs per capacity.

Remarks: in increasingly more cases, mud cleaner plays the function of both desander and desilter. It combined the desander, desilter together, having an underflow shaker.  And desander and desilter need correspondingly centrifugal pumps for feeding.

4.  Decanter centrifuges. Inside a gas and oil system more compact than 1000HP rig, there’s a middle speed decanter centrifuge, as well as for bigger rigs, you will find always some middle speed centrifuge and some high-speed centrifuge. GNLW452 and GNLW363 are perfect options here.

What are 5 steps cleaning?

5 Steps for cleaning for that drilling mud include above pointed out 4 products for separation of solids contaminants in the liquid, there's another treatment to produce the bubbles in the liquid, by Vacuum degasser.  Vacuum degasser is definitely situated following the shale shaker and before others, so it may also help to safeguard the centrifugal pumps.

GN Solids Control spends a very long time experience design and supplies such systems to worldwide large drilling companies. Please visit GN’s website or visit GN Company.

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GN Mud agitator

mud mixing system for that drilling process. The primary function is blending/mixing the drilling liquids to be able to keep drilling liquids viscosity and density. However, it'll avoid the solids sediment at the base of tank. Thus, efficient mud agitator plays a huge role within the mixing process.

GN Mud Agitator Features

1. GN provide both single impeller and double impeller that is specific for that deep tank mixing application and finish suspension the drilling liquids

2. GN begin to offer from 5 Hewlett packard to 30 Hewlett packard different type mud agitator matching for various capacity of blending tank

3. Impeller diameter begins in the littlest 25 inch towards the greatest 44 inch large section of mud tank

4. Upgraded model --- Coupling Rubber Lining connection 1. Coupling type connection is simple for upkeep of the apparatus box and never essential to take apart the motor. Rubber coupling connection could get rid of the imbalance hard pressure, so when switch on, the coupling connection functions like a buffer to be able to lessen the harm to the motor.

GN Mud Mixing System

In particular, GN Solids America provides the integrated mud mixing system including mud gun, mud agitator, centrifugal pump , hopper and mud tank. GN often provides 250bbl, 350bbl, 400bbl and 450bbl mud mixing system for that oil & gas drilling. Mud gun and mud agitator suspension the drilling liquids avoid the sediment. Centrifugal pump and venture hopper are mixing various chemical for example polymer, bentonite or barite with water with the mud tank system. GN Mud mixing system includes enough equipment for high-efficiency and versatile mixing of drilling fluid for traditional drilling procedures inside a restricted area. Every machine within the system continues to be selected is the most suitable, lightweight and effective component for that intended operation.

If you want to learn more about mud agitator or mud mixing system, please make a connection with GN

GN Linear Shale Shaker with Max G force to 7.5

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a top and 1st API certified manufacture in China of solids control equipment and system. She is now occupy the biggest international market portion among China’s solids control company. Here I’d like to introduce one of GN main product shale shaker. It is the first stage treating equipment in a whole set of solids control or mud system. It play an very import role because it will separates relatively large solids out and then it it possible for the next equipment mud cleaner and then decanter centrifuge to treat clean and recollect the wasted mud.

GN shale shaker adopts dual motors which rotate automatically and simultaneous but in opposite direction, leading the shale shaker do linear motion movement. Some of the spare parts are interchangeable with international brand. The shake motors are advanced G-force motor with stable and long service life. Regarding to the shaker screen, GN linear motion shale shaker adopts both flat and pyramid screens from 40 to 200 mesh, and two or three or four panel are available for option according to different treating capacity; GN adopts a unique design with wedge locking of screens to reach a much better sealing effect. Worm gear adjusting device on each side of the shaker connected by a worm shaft makes it possible to adjust the deck angel simultaneously from -1°to +5 °during drilling. GN shale shaker has an excellent performance in anti -corrosion because of the complicated painting process: sand blasting; acid cleaning; spraying with severe anti-corrosion paintings.

With these advantages, GN shale shaker is widely used in solids control system for oil and gas drilling; mud system for HDD, Tunneling, Bore Piling and Geothermal drilling; and also in oil sludge treatment system.

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