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GN Solids America, LLC offers full range mud recycle machinery and the mud mixing system for various drilling industries.  Oil drilling industry and HDD industry are the two major drilling industry we currently focus on due to the continuous demand of service contractors around the world and in current economic trend, they all budget-sensitive on operation.  Mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner is the components to put together a complete mud system. Every drilling situation is different and industry like Oil drilling and HDD drilling is also different in drilling operation.  GN Solids America LLC offer custom solution to meet the specific demand  of drilling We could offer complete service for the mud recycling solution like pit-less and zero-discharge system.

There is a situation when drilling operation is operate for sometimes and smaller solids are begin to shown in the drilling fluid.  The drilling mud cannot be recycle-use before remove the solids that contain in the drilling mud.  For such demand to remove finer solids in the drilling mud, Our GNLW452 decanter centrifuge will be the first choice to do the task due to affordable price and fast ETA compare with other manufactures.  This GNLW452 decanter centrifuge that offers bigger bowl diameter for large treating capacity.  It's separate capacity is 5 to 7 microns of solids size.  Our main characteristic of our mud system is not only price and fast ETA, it will have a compact footprint for today's environmental awareness.  Besides using in oil drilling and HDD drilling, our machinery and system also being used in water well drilling, geothermal drilling, CBM drilling, defending unit is usually used for adding, tunneling, etc. construction tasks.

No mud system's tank can operate without mud agitators.  It depends on the size of the tank, we offer power electric motor 3kw, 5. 5kw, 7. 5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18. 5kw, 22kw, and each model along with single impeller or dual impeller for the option to choose.


Mud system pair with rig

Mud system is supportive operation system for the rig and high quality build system will keep the operation cost in consist base to overall achieve keep the operation cost low. The mud system is much tailor-made to suit the rig spec, different region location of the rig and mud situation. It is a complex matter yet once it install it right, it is much of worried-free purchase for the drilling company.

Drilling company is always consider the capabilities of the rig as far as diameters, length of shots and product types that are going to be pulled back. The larger the drilling rig, the more complex system is needed. Multi-staged tanks, larger primary scalping shakers, desanders (hydro cyclones of 10 in) are needed. The cuttings exit from the cones underflow will be directed onto a vibratory shaker to further separation the solids from the water. The final stage in most systems is a bank of ten to sixteen 4 in. desilting hydro cyclones; again the underflow from the cones will flow onto shale shaker again.. At this level, there is also a need for more personnel to run a reclamation system. If there is more than one drill in a fleet, use the larger one to size the mud cleaner. It will work on the smaller one just as well.
Some contractors move around where ever the work is located and there are others that remain in certain regions. For those that are on the move, system that is mobile ability at the 1 to 1.5 ratio may grow to 1 to 2 pump GPM / recycler through-put, because of a wider variety of soil conditions that will be encountered. t. All manufacturers of solid control equipment will pair the ideal pump sizes to reflect the through-put volume. In regions where fine sands predominate soil, desanders may be used to take loading off the desilters.
Regions where clay, sand stone or shale is the majority of soil conditions that are encountered, recyclers with a through-put of 350 GPM and under, the prevalent equipment doing most the work are the desilters. For the larger drills that can add the a decanter centrifuge, it will help lower the clay build up and keep the mud weight down to a usable level and lower the percentage of destructive low gravity solids.

GN Double Motion Shaker

GN Solids Control Co. Ltd is located in NO. 3 Industry Rd, Chaobai River, Dachang Industry Area, Langfang, Hebei Province, China. GN Solids Control has been manufacturing and designing solids control and drill cuttings management systems for many years. Now there are over 60 countries are using GN Solids Control and Drill Cuttings Management Systems, including Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, North America, Africa countries.
GN Solids Control equipments including GN shale shakes, GN desanders, GN desilters, GN mud cleaners, GN decanter centrifuges, GN cuttings dryers, GN screw conveyors, GN centrifugal pumps, GN positive displacement pumps etc.
GN Solids Control has been keep improving and upgrading GN solids control equipments and drilling waste management systems. This year, GN Solids Control has promoted one newly designed shale shaker with double motion: one is linear motion and the other is progressive elliptical motion. There are different working advantages to use GN shakers. The type is GNZS594F-HB, with the treating capacity of 140 cubic meters per hour (616 GPM).
Vibration motors can be chose to use OLI or Martin. The OLI motor power is 1.94 kw (2 sets), while for Martin motor power is 1.86 kw (2 sets). This GN shaker is equipped with 4 pcs shaker screens. The size of the shaker screen is 585 mm X 1165 mm. These shaker screens are the same size with Mongoose shaker screens. GN Solids Control can manufacture steel frame and composite material screens. Now GN has one special shaker screens with double layers, there are many balls between these two layers. By using this special design, the shaker screens can be kept from block by oil cuttings.
703 Shale Shaker 3

Now GN Solids America LLC has many shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryer in Houston warehouse. GN Solids America LLC is located in Houston, TX. GN engineers can be send out for after sales service. GN Solids America LLC also has some spare parts in Houston, such as shaker screens, cyclones, bearings etc. There spare parts can be provided for quick change.

GN Mud Cleaner Combined with Desander Cyclone and Desilter Cyclone

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the first Chinese API certificate manufacturer of solids control equipment and system for gas and oil drilling. Inside a complete group of solids control system, you will find 4 stages solids control equipment-shale shaker, desander, desilter, and decanter centrifuge. Today, we’ll discuss the 2nd and third stage management of desander and desilter cyclones. The desander can separate solids over 40 microns, and also the desilter can separate solids over 20 microns.

Ordinarily a desander cyclone includes shell with mud inlet port and liquid outlet port onto it, cone body, stop by Apex and hole nut which could adjust the outlet from the stop by Apex a desilter cyclone includes spend with mud inlet port and fluids outlet port onto it, hooking up cone tube stop by Apex and hole nut, as well as elbow hooking up the cyclone towards the fluids discharge pipeline. When working, the mud is going to be inject towards the cyclone inside a tangent line direction with a feeding pump using the certain pressure, then mud is going to do rotary movement. The lighter fluids will move ahead after which flow out with the fluids discharge pipeline the heavier solids will move downward and dispersed out with the stop by Apex.

Generally, cyclones could be put together into 3 kinds. The first is desander cyclone alone or coupled with an underflow shale shaker the second is desilter cyclone alone or coupled with an underflow shale shaker the mixture with desander and desilter cyclones and underflow shale shaker. The 3rd one with compact footprint can help to save much space. And also the underflow shale shaker can be used to drying the solids released in the cyclones to remember more helpful fluids. Next, the fluids are going to be shipped into decanter centrifuge for more treatment.

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Drilling Water Well Solids Control Units

The particular demand of water is usually outstanding escalating beneath intensive requirement of water resource, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Africa and United Kingdom. For that reason, drilling drinking water properly can be a critical purposes of the enterprise even the corporation. In the event the drilling rig is usually operation inside the shallow fine sand, the drilling contractor won't want solids control devices to method the going fluids. Nevertheless, the water properly is down to 6000ft (1800meter) also deeper hole. They might require the particular solids control units to split up the liquid and shades from the reserve pit.

Comparing with Drilling Mud System, the workover rig mud method is substantially simpler on the configuration. Under normal circumstances, the workover rig will not take charge of drilling job; it truly is only utilized to lift out the drilling pipe and also other equipment under the effectively and after that repair them. The Drilling Mud System for workover rig is not as high request as the mud for drilling rig.

 Usually, operator will dig the hole because the reserve holes on the ground to storage the particular drilling fluids. Initially of, GN will provide submersible slurry pump to suck the particular mud or fluid by means of pipeline to our shale shaker to separate the major solids. GNZS752 is actually a small shale shaker used in the water well project along with only 200GPM and compact sizing. Deck angle adjustable style and design delivers operator flexible dealing with capacity around 200GPM. GN centrifugal pump can transfer the fluids through shale shaker to desander or desilter. 10" desander hydrocyclone can take proper care of solids amongst 75 microns to 40 microns, and 4 inch desilter hydrocyclone can handle with solids in between 40 microns and twenty five microns. One desander hydrocyclone and 6 or 8 desilter hydrocyclone are commonly applied to the water nicely drilling.

 For your water properly drilling project, you may contact GN for more information. We're supplying the entire technique including submersible slurry water pump, centrifugal pump, shale shaker, desander hydrocyclone, desilter, mud container and hopper. Beneath the API and DNV inspection, GN solids control generally offers the premium quality method and devices.

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