The Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying Equipment: Hi G Shaker and Verti G Dryer

In the past solids control procedure, the solids after treated by the primary shale shaker would be collected in the ground pool and after few days natural drying, then delivered for further treatment. That was a job waste of much time, and remain large content liquid in the cuttings cannot be recovered immediately which is also a high cost for the drilling fluids. With the issuing of regulation for environmental protection during drilling industry, the operator more and more take measures to recover the liquid in the waste cuttings as much as possible and try to finish that job as fast as possible. Thus the drilling waste cuttings equipment arises at the historic moment.

According to the most used 2 type drilling fluids: oil base mud and water base mud, there are 2 types’ cuttings drying equipment for the operator to choose.

For the water base drilling cuttings, the operator always choose the Hi G dryer to dry the cuttings. This kind of shaker is with high G force, like the GN brand shale shaker GNZS594 up to 8. And another feature for this type drying shaker is large screen area that would make the cuttings stay longer time on the screen so that more liquid would be separated. Comparing with Vertical cuttings dryer, the Hi G drying shaker is cost less. And it is recommended for the projects don’t request very dry cuttings and small budget. 

The Verti G cuttings dryer is very popular equipment in waste cuttings drying projects. It could be used for oil base cuttings. While GN’s cutting dryer model of GNCD930 could be used for both the water base cuttings and oil base cuttings. Cuttings dryer could reduce the liquid content in the cuttings down to 5 percent. The performance is much better than the drying shaker.

No matter to choose a drying shaker or a verti G cuttings dryer, the treated fluids have to be fed to high speed decanter centrifuge for further treatment. Thus much finer solids particles could be removed out.

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer who could provide both the Hi G drying shaker and Verti G cuttings dryer. Your inquiries on drilling waste cuttings management equipment are welcomed.



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