Unique GN Dewatering System

GN provides custom dewatering systems made to keep drilling liquids in good shape whatsoever occasions and reduces disposal cost. Each unit could be driven with a simple control panel to supply the operator most abundant in efficient method in which processing drilling fluid.

GN dewatering systems deliver drilling fluid via a shale shaker, a desander along with a decanter centrifuge. Initially, drilling fluid goes through the GN linear motion shale shaker, which has the capacity to remove coarse sized solid and enormous contaminants than 75 microns, with respect to the API shaker screen getting used. And subsequently drilling fluid is going to be pumped towards the desander for more elimination of fine solid which can be between 40 to 74 microns.

Conventional procedure for drilling liquids is going to be completed after shale shaker and desander. However, you will find some ultra-fine coagulation in the drilling liquid. They're stable and evenly spread in the liquids. The greater content of colloidal particle, the low of drilling bit ROP (Rate of Transmission). It's also acknowledged that getting rid of individuals stable solids be an effort.

GN dewater system effectively resolve the issue. After shaker and desander process, drilling mud is going to be pumped to GN dewatering unit and subsequently chemically treated including dilution and flocculation stage. Dilution stage will lower the levels of proper solids, and flocculation stage is capable of doing aggregating the ultra-fine solids to bigger size solids. After GN chemical treatment, GN decanter centrifuge is capable of doing further separating colloidal particle to be able to give a complete clean drilling fluid. GN dewatering system effectively enhances the health of drilling liquids and small footprint. GN dewatering product is normally mounted within the 40 ft. container for easily moving.

If you want any detail about the dewatering system, make a connection with GN, we will give you a satisfied reply and provide you top quality equipment.

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Define Explosion Proof

Many oil rigs and other type of drilling operations often located in remote areas of earth with many physical conditions that is hazard cause fire.  The damage happen on the job site not only cost damage of facility and equipments but also most valuable assets, human.  To prevent it from happening, equipments that contain and connect with electronic and fuel sources in order to function, it requires to meet the explosion proof.  In below, we need to understand the meaning of explosion proof.

The meaning of explosion proof is machinery that is able withhold explosion if it light it with heat source and surround it with fire hazard area.  But it does not mean machinery is able withstanding explosion inside of machinery without allowing fire or hot gases to release and initiate an explosion in the adjacent atmosphere.  The term explosion proof need to be assigned to the machinery that are certified by qualify authorities after through testes.

Explosion proof mean the electrical and non-electrical subjects can avoid explosion from happening, and if explosion happen, an electrical subjects that is branded explosion proof mean that it has a container that is design to capable resist an explosion of types of gas or vapor that may occur within it.  It can also have the feature that can prevent ignite the surrounding gas or vapor by sparks, flashes explosion of the gas and vapor.  It can also be working in extreme temperature with flammable areas will not be ignited as per National Fire Protection Association.

An explosion proof machinery typically contained in a frame made of cast aluminum or stainless steel, engineered and made to contain a flash or explosion.  To fully operate within explosion proof rating, an enclosure should contain any explosion originating within its container and prevent sparks from with its container from igniting vapors, gases, fibers in the air surrounding it.

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Several factors to modify the working capacity of decanter centrifuge

Now GN Solids Control has various kinds of decanter centrifuges, the handling capacity vary from 40 GPM to 484 GPM. As everyone knows, decanter centrifuge are made and manufactured for separating the drilling solids which diameter is principally below 10 microns. But for unprofessional people, we may not know why the handling capacity could vary a great deal.

You will find some parameters, like the diameter of the bowl, the size of the bowl, the positioning of the liquid outlet, the positioning of the discharge port and also the rotating speed from the bowl along with the rotating speed from the inner propeller. Through these parameters, the bowl’s diameter and also the bowl’s length are a couple of primary factors we usually spoken a great deal.

It is easy to know whenever a bowl having a bigger diameter along with a bigger length, it's a lot more working room space to deal with the drilling liquids meaning it has to possess a bigger capacity.

Sometimes, we'll access one bowl through the ration of length and diameter, which we named f (f=Length/ Diameter) here. Because we usually design the bowl diameter from 9 inch to 22 inch, and also the length from 26 inch to 71 inch, so it’s very common the f is varying from three to eight.

Some designers believe the decanter centrifuge should working in a high-speed and the f should be large. Thinking about the fierce vibration from the whole decanter centrifuge, the rate can't be over 4500 r/m. In the speed of 4500 r/m the interior parts (for example inlet pipe) will damaged in a brief period. Based on the former encounters, rotating speed at 3800 r/m (with bowl diameter in 22 inch and bowl length in 71 inch) satisfies probably the most separation demands.

For finer separation, GN suggests to make use of two decanter centrifuges. Besides, GN has mini decanter centrifuge specifically for diamond drilling. Any particulars, thanks for visiting email to thomas@gnsolidcontrol.com

Dosing System for Mud System

Lately, certainly one of GN Singapore customer arrived at GN to examine the mud system having a dosing system to flocculate small solids into bigger ones for treatment. As well as in recent essay, the entire product is generally introduced, as well as GN solids control is introduced. Within this essay, I'll introduce the dosing system which plays a huge role within this system, without so it may neglect to separate solids within the use mud strictly in compliance using the customer’s needs.

Dosing is define just like the below in Wikipedia. Generally, dosing way to feed chemical or medications right into a process fluid in small quantity, in order to living staying at times , in order to atmosphere at times to provide the required time for that chemical or medicine to react or show the outcomes. With this system, the first feeding to fluid is adopted, and shows the ultimate consequence of small solids being flocculated bigger ones for simple separates.

The entire dosing product is split into 2 mud tanks. The flocculent inside them is given in to the decanter centrifuge via a screw pump consequently, simultaneously; the mud after processed by desander is given in to the decanter centrifuge with the other screw pump. Using the flocculent, the ultra fine solids become bigger ones that have been easier to become separated out. This dosing product is totally automatic controlled. When the needed concentration is placed by human, the dosing system will works together with the automated controlled chemical feeding and water feeding. Following the one tank is filled, the valve is going to be closed automatic, and so the other tank will open.

With this particular dosing system, ultra fine solids is going to be consolidated bigger ones, which will be removed out of the mud via a GN decanter centrifuge.

GN Will Find Attend a Variety of Drilling Conference or Oil Conference

GN Solids Control has been leading manufacturer of shaker, hydrocyclones, centrifuges, vertical cutting dryer and other mud mixing parts. Every year we will attend many oil and drilling conferences and display the latest solids control equipment. Our equipment has been showed in every continent. Please let me show where you could find GN, GN sales team and GN Unites.

In March

A) CIPPE 2015 Beijing Oil Conference

GN Solids Control will attend the China’s biggest of petroleum exhibition (CIPPE). We would like to show the complete drilling cuttings waste management system including vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge and mud tank. Also, we are willing to carry a variety model of decanter centrifuges to display advanced design

Address: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing; No.88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing

Time:    March 26-28, 2015

Booth No.: HALL E1 -E1360, plane

Appointment Contact: sales@gnsolidscontrol.co

GN Factory Location: 40 minutes drive from CIPPE to GN factor

B)  Denver Colorado US No-Dig Show

The No-Dig Show focuses on the trenchless, HDD, Pipeline and Construction program. It will be hold in Denver Colorado US .GN Solids America is the first time to attend the show and bring our own patent shale shaker. It will be honored to meet with trenchless field technicians, managers and contractors


1) Schedule: 15-19, March, 2015

2) Place: Colorado Convention Center 700 14th Street Denver, CO 80202

3) GN Booth No.:831 & 829 (10’x20’)

C) Niger Oil & Gas (NOG) in Africa

Africa is the most important market for GN. So we carry our latest decanter centrifuge to attend the Niger oil & gas. So far we have already sold a plenty of decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers to Niger, and are recognized by our drilling contractors. Drilling company and drilling fluid company. 

You welcomed to visit our China, US or Africa conference. We would like to provide more information to you about our solids control equipment.



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