Dosing System for Mud System

Lately, certainly one of GN Singapore customer arrived at GN to examine the mud system having a dosing system to flocculate small solids into bigger ones for treatment. As well as in recent essay, the entire product is generally introduced, as well as GN solids control is introduced. Within this essay, I'll introduce the dosing system which plays a huge role within this system, without so it may neglect to separate solids within the use mud strictly in compliance using the customer’s needs.

Dosing is define just like the below in Wikipedia. Generally, dosing way to feed chemical or medications right into a process fluid in small quantity, in order to living staying at times , in order to atmosphere at times to provide the required time for that chemical or medicine to react or show the outcomes. With this system, the first feeding to fluid is adopted, and shows the ultimate consequence of small solids being flocculated bigger ones for simple separates.

The entire dosing product is split into 2 mud tanks. The flocculent inside them is given in to the decanter centrifuge via a screw pump consequently, simultaneously; the mud after processed by desander is given in to the decanter centrifuge with the other screw pump. Using the flocculent, the ultra fine solids become bigger ones that have been easier to become separated out. This dosing product is totally automatic controlled. When the needed concentration is placed by human, the dosing system will works together with the automated controlled chemical feeding and water feeding. Following the one tank is filled, the valve is going to be closed automatic, and so the other tank will open.

With this particular dosing system, ultra fine solids is going to be consolidated bigger ones, which will be removed out of the mud via a GN decanter centrifuge.



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