Define Explosion Proof

Many oil rigs and other type of drilling operations often located in remote areas of earth with many physical conditions that is hazard cause fire.  The damage happen on the job site not only cost damage of facility and equipments but also most valuable assets, human.  To prevent it from happening, equipments that contain and connect with electronic and fuel sources in order to function, it requires to meet the explosion proof.  In below, we need to understand the meaning of explosion proof.

The meaning of explosion proof is machinery that is able withhold explosion if it light it with heat source and surround it with fire hazard area.  But it does not mean machinery is able withstanding explosion inside of machinery without allowing fire or hot gases to release and initiate an explosion in the adjacent atmosphere.  The term explosion proof need to be assigned to the machinery that are certified by qualify authorities after through testes.

Explosion proof mean the electrical and non-electrical subjects can avoid explosion from happening, and if explosion happen, an electrical subjects that is branded explosion proof mean that it has a container that is design to capable resist an explosion of types of gas or vapor that may occur within it.  It can also have the feature that can prevent ignite the surrounding gas or vapor by sparks, flashes explosion of the gas and vapor.  It can also be working in extreme temperature with flammable areas will not be ignited as per National Fire Protection Association.

An explosion proof machinery typically contained in a frame made of cast aluminum or stainless steel, engineered and made to contain a flash or explosion.  To fully operate within explosion proof rating, an enclosure should contain any explosion originating within its container and prevent sparks from with its container from igniting vapors, gases, fibers in the air surrounding it.

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