Unique GN Dewatering System

GN provides custom dewatering systems made to keep drilling liquids in good shape whatsoever occasions and reduces disposal cost. Each unit could be driven with a simple control panel to supply the operator most abundant in efficient method in which processing drilling fluid.

GN dewatering systems deliver drilling fluid via a shale shaker, a desander along with a decanter centrifuge. Initially, drilling fluid goes through the GN linear motion shale shaker, which has the capacity to remove coarse sized solid and enormous contaminants than 75 microns, with respect to the API shaker screen getting used. And subsequently drilling fluid is going to be pumped towards the desander for more elimination of fine solid which can be between 40 to 74 microns.

Conventional procedure for drilling liquids is going to be completed after shale shaker and desander. However, you will find some ultra-fine coagulation in the drilling liquid. They're stable and evenly spread in the liquids. The greater content of colloidal particle, the low of drilling bit ROP (Rate of Transmission). It's also acknowledged that getting rid of individuals stable solids be an effort.

GN dewater system effectively resolve the issue. After shaker and desander process, drilling mud is going to be pumped to GN dewatering unit and subsequently chemically treated including dilution and flocculation stage. Dilution stage will lower the levels of proper solids, and flocculation stage is capable of doing aggregating the ultra-fine solids to bigger size solids. After GN chemical treatment, GN decanter centrifuge is capable of doing further separating colloidal particle to be able to give a complete clean drilling fluid. GN dewatering system effectively enhances the health of drilling liquids and small footprint. GN dewatering product is normally mounted within the 40 ft. container for easily moving.

If you want any detail about the dewatering system, make a connection with GN, we will give you a satisfied reply and provide you top quality equipment.

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