GN Drilling Waste Management System for Shell & Baker Hughes

As the top and professional manufacturer of solids control system and drilling waste management system in China, Hebei GN Solids Control is the first company licensed by API, as well as the first that has developed USA based branch. About ten years’ development, GN product continues to be released to greater than 60 nations, among which waste management product is certainly incorporated. And today, GN waste management product is progressively recognized by increasingly more well-known companies. Recently, GN has offered 4 group of waste management system to Baker Hughes in Russia, and today they're under manufactured now. This month, GN has develop one teams of drilling cutting management for GWDC (Great wall Drilling Company), who is going to do this particular service for Shell with this particular management in Sichuan Province, China.

Regarding towards the finished one out of this month for Shell, it is made to process 30 tons each hour using the below composition of apparatus.

1. GNCD930 Vertical Cutting Dryer: The 2nd generations of GN vertical cutting dryer are designed for each of WBM and OBM drilling cuttings with enhanced performance.

2. GNLW363BG-VFD: greatest standard with duplex stainless 2205 for conical and round portion of bowl, and touch panel for PLC control.

3. Feeding pump and tanks.

The drilling cuttings are going to be moved towards the vertical cutting dryer by two screw conveyors. After processed through the vertical cutting dryer, the solids is going to be released in the bottom having a moisture content of threePercent-5% the fluids is going to be shipped towards the decanter centrifuge screw pump for more process. Except the finished one, another four teams of drilling cutting management system they are under construction for Baker Hughes. Cooperation with well Known companies is exciting and inspiring. GN will stay with strive top quality and finest plan to win more large companies in the area.

GN Mud Recycling System for ZJ30 rig

ZJ30 rig solid control equipment is drilling mud dealing with system that is coupled with machinery and electric control. The machine mainly includes 1 ea. bunker (trip tank incorporated), 1 ea. storage circulation tank, 1 ea. mixing tank, 1 ea. trip pump SB4×3J-11-11KW, 2 ea. GNZS594E-HB linear motion shale shaker, 1 ea. GNZJ594E-2S12N mud cleaner, 1 ea. GNJBQ075A mud agitator, 7 sets GNJBQ110A-D jet mud mixer, 2 ea. GNSLS45A Jet Hopper, 4 ea. SB8×6-13J centrifugal pump, 8 ea. GNNJQ80A-3X mud gun and lighting, pathways, hand railing etc.

ZJ30 Rig solid control system deals with the drilling mud by grade. It may circulate the drilling mud by bypass funnel based on drilling request, and may also weight up, mixture, shear, or mixing etc. The clean water pipeline provides water that is clean to drilling mud circulatory. Drilling mud mixing system can mix and offer drilling mud to solid control system. Trip tank and trip system provides drilling mud to wellhead directly. Mud gun pipeline and mixing system can mix the drilling mud fully.

Mud recycling description

Mud discharged from the well through elevated manifold (pipeline put into the bracket). Mud can flow into two shale shakers individually or both by control the pipeline valves. Mud flow in to the sand sedimentation compartment after shakers treatment. Mud may also be released to tank or from tank directly by pipelines.

In the sedimentation tank, the drilling mud is distributed to cyclone of mud cleaner by 1# centrifugal pump; the treated mud is distributed to sedimentation compartment. Mud within the desilter tank is distributed to cyclones of mud cleaner by centrifugal pump, and treated by desilter then to another compartment. All of the treated mud could be overflowed to another compartment or by mixing flow line.

You will also find another pipe flow lines, it’s vital that you know how these pipes out and in. In most cases, solids control or drilling waste management systems are the essential way to control the running of the liquids.

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Inexpensive top quality centrifuge for drilling rig

Decanter centrifuge can be the efficient equipment utilized to treat drilling liquids in oil and gas drilling, in CBM drilling and also in TBM projects.

To be able to meet different customers’ request, GN Solids Control have different model high-speed centrifuge GNLW363 and low speed centrifuge GNLW452, with large bowl centrifuge GNLW553, GNLW453, normal size centrifuge 14’’ and also the mini centrifuge GNLW223.

GN Solids Control is now the most professional Chinese manufacturer in oil and gas drilling area. It can make high standard decanter centrifuge to look after worldwide market who's concerning on the top quality. GN also makes economic standard to contend with China normal brand, cost low but the quality still much better than other normal Chinese brand.

Difference between GN high standard and GN economic standard

1) Bowl material and conveyer:

High standard centrifuges use Duplex Stainless 2205 by centrifugal casting, while economic standard use stainless 304 material

2) Screw protection

High standard centrifuges use interchangeable Tungsten Carbide Tiles, while economic standard centrifuge use ceramic tiles.

Remarks: Normal Chinese brand just use hard surface welding. The security materials are very thin. It is not easy for maintenance or prepare.

3) Bearing brand:

High standard centrifuges use famous label SKF / FAG original bearing. While economic standard use NSK brand bearing.

4) VFD control system

High standard centrifuges are 3 VFD for primary drive motor, back drive motor and feeding pump. It uses PLC for wise control. The VFD panel is positive pressurized for hazardous areas. With ATEX or IEC standard for option.

GN different standard decanter centrifuge can be used as both solids control and drilling waste management area. For those who have any inquire or any question on mud solids control & drilling waste management area, please make a contact GN Solids Control Company for solution.

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GN Decanter Centrifuge shipped from American Warehouse to Customer

GN Solids Control is a top manufacturer that produces solids control equipment in China, and it has developed the foremost and greatest America based solids control company last year. After almost three months’ preparation, GN already has its own American warehouse have inventory now. The first batch of inventory to America was shipped in September2014, and GN primary items will always be available in American warehouse, for example shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and shaker screens. Regarding to decanter centrifuge, GN stocks fixed speed ones and VFD ones in American warehouse, such as GNLW363BG-VFD decanter centrifuge, the most widely utilized model, taking up 70% in most GN Offered decanter centrifuges, almost 150 sets annually.

Lately, a GNLW363 fixed speed decanter centrifuge continues to be shipped to 1 of their clients from America warehouse, therefore the delivery is prompt and takes a shorter period than delivering from China. This fixed speed decanter centrifuge has two choices for speed with various pulleys. The first is 2500 revolutions per minute, which is often utilized for barite recycling, and yet another is 3200 revolutions per minute which is often utilized for ultra-fine solids separation. For many drilling projects using drilling mud to separate solids, GN would propose a 2-decanter centrifuge system: the low speed decanter centrifuge is to take away the most solids and also the high speed is to get rid of the ultra-fine solids.

For drilling waste cutting management, typically the most popular model GNLW363BG-VFD is an ideal choice with touch PLC control panel for primary motor speed, back drives motor speed, and feeding pump speed. The operator can set the above mentioned data to help make the decanter centrifuge perform within the best condition in compliance using the altering mud condition. It's a method to safeguard the device and save cost.

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