GN Drilling Waste Management System for Shell & Baker Hughes

As the top and professional manufacturer of solids control system and drilling waste management system in China, Hebei GN Solids Control is the first company licensed by API, as well as the first that has developed USA based branch. About ten years’ development, GN product continues to be released to greater than 60 nations, among which waste management product is certainly incorporated. And today, GN waste management product is progressively recognized by increasingly more well-known companies. Recently, GN has offered 4 group of waste management system to Baker Hughes in Russia, and today they're under manufactured now. This month, GN has develop one teams of drilling cutting management for GWDC (Great wall Drilling Company), who is going to do this particular service for Shell with this particular management in Sichuan Province, China.

Regarding towards the finished one out of this month for Shell, it is made to process 30 tons each hour using the below composition of apparatus.

1. GNCD930 Vertical Cutting Dryer: The 2nd generations of GN vertical cutting dryer are designed for each of WBM and OBM drilling cuttings with enhanced performance.

2. GNLW363BG-VFD: greatest standard with duplex stainless 2205 for conical and round portion of bowl, and touch panel for PLC control.

3. Feeding pump and tanks.

The drilling cuttings are going to be moved towards the vertical cutting dryer by two screw conveyors. After processed through the vertical cutting dryer, the solids is going to be released in the bottom having a moisture content of threePercent-5% the fluids is going to be shipped towards the decanter centrifuge screw pump for more process. Except the finished one, another four teams of drilling cutting management system they are under construction for Baker Hughes. Cooperation with well Known companies is exciting and inspiring. GN will stay with strive top quality and finest plan to win more large companies in the area.



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