Visit GN Solids Control at CIPPE 2015 in Beijing

This week we visited GN solids control’s stand at CIPPE 2015 in Beijing, their stand number is E1360 at East 1 hall, close to CNPC companies. Their stand is almost 250m2 area, and showed a lot of solids control equipments and drilling cuttings treatment equipments, there are a lot of international and domestic clients checking their systems and asking questions.

Drilling Cuttings treatment system:

The design of this drilling waste management system GNCM-40A has been changed a lot compared with their previous design GNCM-40 which is showed at CIPPE 2014. The main features are as below:

1 VFD vertical cuttings dryer is adopted for steadily working and starting, it can be working at from low speed to max. speed, more flexible.

2 Cantilever crane located on the skid is for disassembly of the top cover of the vertical cuttings dryer in the jobsite, when you need to inspect the equipment or change the screen basket  sometimes, it is not easy to rent a crane everytime to the jobsite.

3 containerized dimension allow the client to ship it by 40ft container, but the equipments and stairs should be removed during shipment.

4 Telescopic skid design allow us to lowered it down during transportation from one site to another.

2 models of vertical cuttings dryer:

They showed GNCD930VFD vertical cutting dryer together with the drilling cuttings management system, also showed a smaller size cuttings dryer separately, which can meet some client’s requirement of smaller treating capacity, smaller footprint, compact design.

4 models of decanter centrifuge from baby to big bowl

Their baby centrifuge GNLW223 has been paid more attention during the show, people see a lot of big centrifuges during the show from many manufacturers, they are wondering what is the baby and what is for. It is not normally used for oil industry, it is mainly used for mining industry for diamond core drilling, which has been widely used for international clients.

It is great visit for GN solids control stand to learn more technology for solids control industry.



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