Standard Drilling Mud Solids Control System for Oil & Gas Rig

Solids Control system is among the 8 systems for gas and oil drilling rig. And it can be regarded as like a complete closed loop system, which is often used for finding the drilling mud in the well and separating out around drilling cuttings, then transfer the drilling mud into the drilling system.

Inside a complete drilling mud solids control system, or sometimes it is called drilling mud recycling or cleaning system, you will find 4 steps of solids control and 5 steps cleaning. Exactly what do they mean?

What's 4 steps solids control?

Solids control, words speak the meaning, to manage the solids phase within the drilling mud towards the minimum. You will find 4 steps of solids control tools.

1. Linear motional Shale Shaker, through the vibration from the shaker deck, the solids contaminants bigger than 100 microns are separated out. Shale shaker is easily the most efficient equipment. Drilling mud in the well falls straight to the shakers buffer box. So shale shaker needs no feeding pumps.

2. Desander cones, made up of several ten inch hydracyclone made from memory material can be used for separating the solids contaminants bigger than 40 microns. Quantity of ten inch hydracyclone is dependent around the dealing with capacity.

3. Desilter cones, made up of several 4 inch hydracyclone made from memory material, utilized for separation of solids contaminants bigger than 25 microns. Just like desander, this QTY also differs per capacity.

Remarks: in increasingly more cases, mud cleaner plays the function of both desander and desilter. It combined the desander, desilter together, having an underflow shaker.  And desander and desilter need correspondingly centrifugal pumps for feeding.

4.  Decanter centrifuges. Inside a gas and oil system more compact than 1000HP rig, there’s a middle speed decanter centrifuge, as well as for bigger rigs, you will find always some middle speed centrifuge and some high-speed centrifuge. GNLW452 and GNLW363 are perfect options here.

What are 5 steps cleaning?

5 Steps for cleaning for that drilling mud include above pointed out 4 products for separation of solids contaminants in the liquid, there's another treatment to produce the bubbles in the liquid, by Vacuum degasser.  Vacuum degasser is definitely situated following the shale shaker and before others, so it may also help to safeguard the centrifugal pumps.

GN Solids Control spends a very long time experience design and supplies such systems to worldwide large drilling companies. Please visit GN’s website or visit GN Company.

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