Drilling Liquids Recycling Centrifuge

From now on, we've sent many centrifuges to Africa position for recycling drilling liquids. Our decanter centrifuge suits for that Africa mud condition and effectively remove fine solids within the drilling liquids. Africa clients have previously recognized GN brand centrifuge primary partner.

Why Must We Recovery the Drilling Liquids?

First of all, drilling liquids is really a considerable potential harmful material towards the sensitive atmosphere when contaminated. Proper process contaminated drilling liquids for purified and uncontaminated water to become released into atmosphere. However, lot of drilling liquids costs much cash for drilling companies. It's important to recovery drilling fluid to be able to control budget and keep the correct mud weight and viscosity. Therefore, drilling liquids and solids control system are inextricable link within the drilling process.

What Drilling Company Choose GN Decanter Centrifuge

Mechanical separation of solids from drilling liquids system by using a decanter centrifuge is a powerful way of keeping proper mud viscosity and density. In compliance with customer’s requirement, we provide three kind of centrifuge including high-speed, middle speed and occasional speed centrifuge to satisfy customer’s anticipation. Top standard material and tungsten carbide tiles make sure the machine lifespan. VFD user interface and glued speed user interface offer good way to operate the centrifuge. Not just supply the single centrifuge but additionally we provide the feeding pump and ancillary equipment for the task. If you have any issues to cope with, our after purchase team and our area specialist immediately supply the solution even arrived at your jobsite providing the best assistance. GN horizontal decanting centrifuges are requested a huge area of programs in Africa where drilling fluid along with a solid need to be continuously separated.

GN solids control is the owner of a sizable decanter centrifuge and relative parts inventory and respond rapidly to customers' needs around the globe.

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