Decanter centrifuge with VFD control panel

You will find fixed speed control and variable frequency control for oilfield decanter centrifuge. For fix speed user interface, the centrifuge speed is dependent around the lever and belt. The rate is bound and can't be change.

For VFD user interface for decanter centrifuge, the centrifuge max. running speed with respect to the lever and belt. With the charge of VFD panel, centrifuge speed could be modified from 0 towards the max. speed, to in the set min. towards the set. max. speed.

You will find normally 3 VFD control for decanter centrifuge with the VFD panel.

1) The first VFD is VFD control for primary motor. Decanter centrifuge speed could be transformed via alter the frequency of primary drive motor. Most centrifuge providers, they'll choose VFD control for that primary motor drive.

2) The 2nd VFD is VFD control for back drive motor. The part of back drive motor is cooperating to alter the centrifuge differential speed. Differential speed may be the primary step to affect separation result.

Formula: Differential speed = Bowl input speed - conveyor input speed / the differential ratio.

The differential ratio speed is really a fixed speed, when both Bowl input speed and conveyor input speed changeable, customer is much more flexible to obtain more reasonable differential speed.

3) The 3rd VFD is VFD control for centrifuge feeding pump. Many centrifuge providers, they don't choose this VFD control. GN Solids Control company VFD centrifuge with VFD control for feeding pump and thru PLC system to understand automatic wise charge of the centrifuge.

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