GN got large orders on solids control system

Each year, GN Solids Control has supplied turn-key solids control systems to worldwide clients. Many clients are pleased with the great quality and after sales service, so many of them came to GN and put a repeated order.

Lately, GN Solids Control got one large order from Europe. This client bought three sets solids control systems for the 1000 Hp drilling rig. They're pretty pleased with GN Solids Control System because they've been using GN 750HP drilling rig mud system for quite a long time. So that they came to GN and put these 3 sets order.

These 3 sets mud control system has finished and therefore are being examined within our Chinese factory at this time. They're mainly includes the bellowing tools:

1. Shaker Tank

You will find 3 sets GN shale shaker tanks. Six sets GN shakers happen to be installed on them, in addition to three sets GN mud cleansers and three sets GN vacuum degasser.

2. Centrifugal Tank

Here the centrifugal tank is outfitted with two sets GN decanter centrifuges. The first is middle speed decanter centrifuge, which is often used to split up probably the most solids. And also the second decanter centrifuge is really a high-speed decanter centrifuge, which is often used to split up the finer solids in small diameters.

3. Active Tank

This tank is mounted with a few sets GN mud agitators and GN mud guns.

4. Suction Tank

It’s also outfitted with mud agitators and mud guns.

5. Mixing Tank

It’s outfitted with GN mixing hoppers and GN mixing pumps. All of the solids could be included this tank, and delivered to the drilling rig for reuse.

Now GN Solids Control can offer turn-key solutions for drilling liquids control, and every one of the GN devices process the certification of explosion-proof for example ATEX or IECEX. GN Solids Control is among the couple of companies in China that may provide CE licensed items.



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