GN decanter centrifuges for African Customer

GN Solids Control got one large order in Jan, 2015 on decanter centrifuges. Through the effort of GN employees, GN Solids Control is success to fabricate this huge quantity in a period. The scientific manufacture plan and experience workers pay an excellent contribution with this large order.

After several weeks manufacturing, GN has finished all of the material prepare, manufacturing, testing etc. the lead time consists of the Chinese spring festival holiday, which is a really unbelievable lead time for African client.

This African client came to GN to complete the inspection with two engineers. And they're pretty satisfied with the decanter centrifuges and provide a higher prize to GN speed. Soon, GN Solids Control has a much further cooperation with this particular African client, which is win-win cooperation undoubtedly.

Usually, GN decanter centrifuges can be used for separate solids that bigger than two or three microns. All of the mud emerge form shale shakers or mud cleansers could be feed in to the decanter centrifuges directly. The treating capacity of GN decanter centrifuge isn't necessarily exactly the same due different mud densities, viscosities etc.

Two GN decanter centrifuges could be one unit, the first is middle speed and the second is GN high-speed decanter centrifuge. The first can be used as treating the majority of the solids inside a large capacity, while the second is targeted to split up solids with finer dimensions.

As more clients give consideration towards the environment protection, and then try to get just as much oil as you possibly can from OBM, GN drilling waste management systems will also be broadly used. The decanter centrifuge may be used along with cuttings dryer. Mud can from cuttings dryer could be feed to decanter centrifuge for more separation. And solids could be separated out by utilizing GN cutting dryer ahead of time the oil can also be recycled throughout this separating process.

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