GN Stunning New Product the Solidification Stabilization Unit

We keep moving, keep developing, and now announced the stunning new product: the Solidification / Stabilization unit.  There is a well know truth: Effects of silver carp. GN Solids Control was the chub in the solids control market, at least in Chinese market, it is. 

Oh, frankly it is not new in the earth, it is already widely used in the environmental protection applications and in developed countries, and it has been used. So is it a copy, nope, GN keep our own design, our own concept, and we do our own developments. Comparing the giant Solidification / Stabilization plant, this is a strong young guy. All in one have all the abilities you need, flexible, easy for transportation; and can be put inside container.

As said, it is not a totally new design; it is composed by several screws, and a screw mixer to make the final result.

Technique parameters:





Cutting Hopper Capacity


Cutting Conveyor Power


 Absorber conveyor power

1.1Kw(SS304 Steel)

Cement Conveyor Power

1.1Kw(SS304 Steel

Solidification Mixer Power

11Kw(SS304 Steel)



Total Weight


How is it used with other equipment?

As we all know in the drilling fluids close loop process, we keep handling the different size solids particles and fluids. For the drilling waste management process, solidification / stabilization unit is on the final step, to get the final solids result, to make sure the result is reusable, or environmental friendly, and then dump out.

What will you need to use the solidification / stabilization unit?

Except the product itself, you still need some professional ones who know chemicals, who know the waste, to make sure the chemical reaction happen.

Note: for some place or countries, this can only be used for non-hazardous waste handling. 

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