GN solids control showed mud recycling system in Australia no-dig show

This is not the first time for GN solids control to show our mud recycling system in Australia no-dig show. Every year we will show our lastest desander unit mud recycling system mud cleaning system in the trenchless show since 2010 till now, it is one of the most professional trenchless show in Australia.
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This year we take GNMS-200G self-contained mud recycling system with capacity 200GPM to Australia with our partner-TT Asia. The self-contained mud recycling system can be used for different applications, like HDD, CBM, tunneling or micro-tunneling, piles, water well drilling. Its multi-function including mixing, cleaning, storage. Different with the standard GNMS-200D mud cleaning system, the latter model with only cleaning function, if you need mixing or storage, we will suggest a separated jet mud mixer and a frac tank. The GNMS-200D model is more compact design with cost effective option, it is more flexible to move from one site to another and need only a small place for installation.
Except for GNMS-200G self-contained mud recycling system, we also have GNMS-500G(standard design, can be shipped by container), GNMS-1000G( standard design , mud tank size same with 40ft container size, one tank compact design), GNMS-350G, GNMS-500B( same with GNMS-350G footprint and equipments list, just increase 2 more 4inch desilter cone), GNMS-500GL( equipments list same with GNMS-500G, just different mud tank size, the mud tank size is same with 40ft container size, which can be shipped by container trailer), GNMS-1000GL ( 2 tanks design, compared with standard GNMS-1000G model, there are mud recycling tank and mud mixing tank separately, high configuration) for option with different treating capacity.
We have 3 standard models for economy desander unit( mud cleaning system), GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D, GNMS-1000D, it is mainly used for pilings. Welcome to contact GN solids control if you required such mud cleaning system.

Positive pressurized VFD control panel for variable speed decanter centrifuge

While you charge decanter centrifuge producers in the world, GN solids control( with branch office GN solids America in Houston) provide both high-speed decanter centrifuge and variable speed decanter centrifuge with VFD control panel, VFD decanter centrifuge the most used model throughout our clients from over 60 nations in the world. We provide 4 types VFD control panel of decanter centrifuge based on different clients needs 1 positive pressurized VFD control panel for explosion proof Exd II BT4 with PLC control 2 positive pressurized VFD control panel with IEC certificate with PLC control 3 positive pressurized VFD control panel with ATEX certificate with PLC control 4 flame proof explosion proof control panel
The positive pressurized VFD control panel is particularly produced for that significant site wealthy in temperature, moist air, heavy rain, strong sunshine area with greater performance. To be sure the extended operation existence, we recommend to employ a sunrain proof cover on top in the centrifuge unit, as GN drilling waste management project in Sichuan, China, Where a great deal of rain and extremely moisture air. With air cooler inside the control cabinet, there is available a temperature sensor installed and setting according the atmosphere temperature and client??s requirement, once the inside temperature showed up in the setting value, the cooler unit will start to work and feed for the inside cabinet cold air and permit the hot air out, the constantly circulation increase the risk for inside cabinet to remain the correspondingly awesome and will not be hot throughout lengthy-term used in the brand new weather. PLC control VFD control panel affect the frequency smartly, the ultimate flame proof explosion proof control panel does not operate in the sunshine, the electrical components will probably be hot to avoid working or possibly be burned if the becomes hot. As well as the frequency inverter is coping with very traditional way. Such products are simply provided for the cold area or when least costly price is needed with the client.


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