Need Fixed Speed or VFD Decanter Centrifuge

The answer is not actually here, as what you need is not a centrifuge, but a solution, which help you save / earn money. Here comes a lot of questions, for the decanter centrifuge, we have full hydraulic, VFD, Fixed speed and so on. Many many options. Which one is more helpful?
GN Solids Control have sold a lot of fixed speed, also a lot of VFD ones, and keep doing research on the full hydraulic ones. Well there is no firm answer on this question, depends on who is using this, for which application, and what is our purpose. and so on.
For some application, we use one fixed speed, one variable, sometimes two variable centrifuge, or two fixed speed decanter centrifuges. What is the difference?

If the client is professional on the mechanical stuff, or digital regulation, VFD is very helpful, as it controls everything. Rotary speed, differential, and so on. So just try and find what you need.
Also if sites changes every day, every shift, we do not know the taste of next chocolate, then we need VFD for flexibility.
Another benefit you will get from a VFD centrifuge is it starts up smartly, saves you energy, and as you know, save your trouble of running a big motor equipment.

It is really hard to say which one is more convenient, if all we need is push a button, and forget the operations. This do not mean we forget the maintenance. As smart VFD touch panel is different with smart phones, no need you keep touching every part to keep it in a funny way.
But the fixed speed is easier operation, in some way. Just like the phone, if you only need to make call or text msg, the first mobile from Nokia or Moto works well. Then why you are using smart phones. :)
Except this, the maintenance of fixed speed panel is also easier, as it have less components. Electrical components, which is meaningful especially when you are on the offshore site, and no electricians available.

Full hydraulic seems save a lot of trouble and indeed a lot of clients like it. While, there is not that much good suppliers yet, which means if there is some good product, the price is not that lovely. But pls keep tune with GN Solids Control, we may have some good surprise.

Mud system pair with rig

Mud system is supportive operation system for the rig and high quality build system will keep the operation cost in consist base to overall achieve keep the operation cost low. The mud system is much tailor-made to suit the rig spec, different region location of the rig and mud situation. It is a complex matter yet once it install it right, it is much of worried-free purchase for the drilling company.

Drilling company is always consider the capabilities of the rig as far as diameters, length of shots and product types that are going to be pulled back. The larger the drilling rig, the more complex system is needed. Multi-staged tanks, larger primary scalping shakers, desanders (hydro cyclones of 10 in) are needed. The cuttings exit from the cones underflow will be directed onto a vibratory shaker to further separation the solids from the water. The final stage in most systems is a bank of ten to sixteen 4 in. desilting hydro cyclones; again the underflow from the cones will flow onto shale shaker again.. At this level, there is also a need for more personnel to run a reclamation system. If there is more than one drill in a fleet, use the larger one to size the mud cleaner. It will work on the smaller one just as well.
Some contractors move around where ever the work is located and there are others that remain in certain regions. For those that are on the move, system that is mobile ability at the 1 to 1.5 ratio may grow to 1 to 2 pump GPM / recycler through-put, because of a wider variety of soil conditions that will be encountered. t. All manufacturers of solid control equipment will pair the ideal pump sizes to reflect the through-put volume. In regions where fine sands predominate soil, desanders may be used to take loading off the desilters.
Regions where clay, sand stone or shale is the majority of soil conditions that are encountered, recyclers with a through-put of 350 GPM and under, the prevalent equipment doing most the work are the desilters. For the larger drills that can add the a decanter centrifuge, it will help lower the clay build up and keep the mud weight down to a usable level and lower the percentage of destructive low gravity solids.


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