Drilling Waste Management system to Africa jobsite

As the most professional drilling waste material management system manufacture with China, we have sold above 30 sets of regular complete drilling waste management systems to Africa, Center east, Russia, Australia, Dalam negeri and Europe market. Particularly for Africa market, we marketed a lot of standard and custom made drilling cuttings treatment in order to drilling service companies. A part of our case study as beneath:
1 Our sales in addition to after-sales service team just simply came back from a drilling computer in Nigeria, they simply finished the commission assistance successfully for 3 value packs of drilling waste management systems.
Drilling Waste Management system t

The equipments collection include:
3 sets connected with vertical cuttings dryer
some sets of VFD decanter centrifuges
9 progressive tooth cavity pumps, 6 for nourishing decanter centrifuges, 3 with regard to flushing the cuttings dryer.
15 screw conveyors intended for transfer drilling cuttings, each one dryer need one serving screw conveyor, one solids discharge conveyor, each centrifuge need one solids produce conveyor.

(2) 2 Package Drilling spend management equipment to Cameras,
The identical client bought 2 models of same drilling waste material management system, including 3 vertical cuttings dryer in addition to 4 decanter centrifuge along with telescopic skid and nourishing pumps, screw conveyors.
(3) Containerized drilling waste management system,
1 sets of usable cuttings dryer, 1 group of double deck high H dryer, 1 set of decanter centrifuge all installed inside container with opened entrance and windows, stairs, handrail, walkways are available.
(4) Various units of decanter centrifuges shipping to Africa mud service companies,
They are shipped simply by 2 batches to reduce typically the delivery time as the client’s request.
(5) Decanter centrifuge working for offshore rig within Africa,
Not only for land rigs, our drilling waste decanter centrifuge can be also employed for offshore cuttings treatment, and fewer the drilling waste whenever you can.
…and more cases please check with GN solids control sales, or follow GN updated news.

1500HP oli drilling rig equipment from GN solids control

GN solids control China headquarter offers shipped 1 units associated with solids control equipments with regard to 1500HP oil drilling machine to Russia. Our best marketed equipments in Russia marketplace is including shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pumps, mud agitators etc solids control equipments and decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer package deal etc drilling waste management equipments. Although the world marketplace is very slow because of the falling acrylic price, because of good quality, sophisticated technology, user friendly design and also best service, GN solids control also sell perfectly in the market, the buyers are searhing for competitive price compared with YOU brand solids control machines but good quality, as the very first and best exporter within China for solids control equipments, GN solids control is their best choice.

Typically the solids control equipments transported to Russia including:
5 units of 4-panel screen shale shaker: GNZS594E-HB, it is additionally the best sold model with America market for essential oil industry application. The shaker screen size is 585x1165x40mm, Should you have stocked shaker screens with this size, GN shale shaker can help you to reduce the inventory.
only two unit of GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge with 3200rpm, that is the normal working speed with regard to solids control industry in addition to drilling waste management, however the max speed is 3900rpm when it is specially required to different fine solids smaller than two microns. We also provide changing speed decanter centrifuge regarding option, low speed with regard to barite recovery, and dangerously fast for separation of good solids and keep the drilling fluids clean & stability.
20 units of centrifugal pumps completed with motor, control panel, skid, coupling and also pump head. The installment dimension of GN centrifugal pumps are equivalent using famous brand centrifugal pumps, and quite a few of the spare parts are replaceable, for example , mechanical seal, pump house, impellers, etc .
You are welcome to contact with GN solids control for your potential requirement within 2016.


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