WBM waste management overall solution

OBM waste management is necessary for drilling rigsite environmental protection. It may revolved in vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, thermal desorption unit etc . We have supplied over 20 sets OBM waste management system in order to overseas market and local market. The working performance regarding GN OBM waste management system win high reward from clients and they provide repeat order to GN Solids Control.
WBM waste management total solution

In some countries, there may be policy for no opening drilling. Even Water primarily based mud, the drilling business cannot dispose it straight into mud pit. Our company style and design WBM waste management entire solution for no opening drilling company. The equipment may well but not limited to below things:
1) 2 sets Excessive G dryer, GN higher G dryer is replacement Derrick High G dryer, working performance is similar and also price is better.
The 2 value packs High G dryer can collect the waste produce from shaker.
After addressed by High G dryer, the liquid mud head over to centrifuge to lower down the actual mud weight, and then return to mud tank system to get drilling use.
After handled by High G dryer, the solids go to renforcement unit for final cure
2) Waste management centrifuge with storage tank
Right after treated by centrifuge, the actual liquid mud go back to mud tank system
After taken care of by centrifuge, the solids mud go to solidification device for final treatment
3) Solidification unit
The renforcement unit will accept the sound mud come from the shaker solids discharge and centrifuge solids discharge. When operating the particular solidification unit, cement suggestions lime will be added to correct the mud in a kind of more stable. Finally, the particular dry mud solids may be storage in a dig concrete pit.
GN Solids Control just provides one established solidification unit for Halliburton project in Africa. Your customer bought it from us straight and provides service for Halliburton. We will update to completely new inquiry with more jobsite data of Solidification unit earning a living for Halliburton project.

Top Mud tank system manufacture in China and taiwan

As one of the top mud tank system manufacture in China and taiwan, GN solids control features designed and produced through 500 units of mud tank systems for the intercontinental and domestic clients in the past 6 years. Not only to get oil & gas drilling rigs, but also for geothermal drilling rig, water well drilling rig, HDD machine, CBM drilling rig, Tunneling fed up machine, pilings machine, and so on
One unit of mud tank system is composed of various mud tanks with different features, different size and solids control equipments. The mud tank size and volume depends on the required storage amount, treating capacity, drilling degree, circulation rate, etc . Generally, there are 3 types of mud tank system as beneath:
(1) Small mud cleaning system for HDD, CBM, Waters well drilling, piling, TBM, etc small drilling computer, the required storage capacity required is definitely small , usually one storage space tank with mud mixing unit is enough besides the mud processing tank, sometimes just one mud treatment tank will do. Because the circulation is not shut, there is a mud pit while intermediate process.
(2) Big mud storage requirement oil and also gas drilling rig mud tank system, normally we have a shaker tank( processing tank), intermediate tank, suction tank, and 1~3 reserve tank( storage tank), diesel tank, water tank, pill tank, trip tank, etc . Normally the mud tank dimensions are bigger than container, it should be delivered by bulk cargo boat.
Mud tank system

(3) Liquid mud plant mud mixing tank system, the vast majority of mud tanks are regarding mixing and storage, together with only a few equipments like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, pushes, mud agitators, mud prints etc single solids control equipments on the mud control tank.
If you need a mud tank system quotation, could you contact with GN solids control to get a reasonable design in addition to good price.

two Sets GN 1500GPM mud recycling system for Asian Customer

GN Solids Control is actually a leading manufacturer who can present turnkey mud recycling system for clients working on several areas such as HDD, Dredging, Tunneling, Bored Pile Drilling etc . GN professional technical engineers give customized solutions to satisfy clients’ different demands.
Right now GN Solids Control simply finished the manufacturing of two sets 1500GPM HDD mud recycling system for one consumer from HongKong. The total healing capacity is 3000GPM because it’s composed by a pair of sets 1500GPM system.
GN has provided many HDD mud system in the past years, which can be varies from 250GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM. Many tailored systems are also manufactured. The principle equipments for each 1500GPM mud system is including:
one 2 Sets Shale Shaker
1500gpm hdd mud system 1

GNZS594 shakers are widespread in over 60 nations. It is used to separate the particular solids larger than 100 microns with the treating capacity involving 616GPM. Four panels window screens are assembled on the shaker by GN special wedges, which are quite convenient to adjust screens fast. Famous intervalle motors are used, such as UNITED STATES Martin or Italy OLI.
2 . 1 Set Mud cleaner
Slurry separated by means of those 2 sets shaker is send to GN mud cleaner, which type will be GNZJ594E-3S16N. It has 3 pieces 10’’ desander cyclones and also 16 sets 4’’ desilter cyclones. GN mud cleaner is a 2 stage parting equipment, solids larger than 20 microns can be separated available.
3. Mud Tank
These shakers and mud cleaner are mounted on the top with the mud tank. Some additional equipments such as ladders, guiderails are fixed on the mud tank for safety functioning. There are also 2 centrifugal pushes which are used to feeding often the mud cleaner fixed for the skid of the mud tank.
4. Screw Conveyor
The many solids that discharged from your shaker, mud cleaner is drilling to be collected and transferred by just a screw conveyor. As a pair of separated mud tanks are made in an opposite position, useful to them the screw conveyor in addition.
GN Solids America has many equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker , shear conveyor , screw pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , Mud Gas Separator , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . in stock, you are welcome to connect with us for your solids control projects.

What are the benefits of GN drilling waste management?

1 ) GN has 2 selection of waste management systems, some may be combined by high G drying shaker and decanter centrifuge, the other is put together by the vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge. Normally, the high G shaker combination is only suitable for often the WBM and vertical cuttings dryer is suitable for the OBM. But GN’s is an exclusion, because GN vertical cuttings dryer is also suitable for OBM.

2 . GNDC series Drilling cuttings waste management system are widely used in many areas in the world, including the European countries, America, South America, Africa, Midsection East and etc . GN systems are proved to be well suited for both extremely hot locations and extremely cold places.
three. GN has self intended positive pressurized control panel, enables its electric control system to work in the serious climates. Also, because GN solids control makes and designs this on its own, the price is not as high as in case outsourcing.
Such systems via GN now are used through worldwide giant companies similar to Scomi, Baker Hudges, in addition to etc .




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