Top Mud tank system manufacture in China and taiwan

As one of the top mud tank system manufacture in China and taiwan, GN solids control features designed and produced through 500 units of mud tank systems for the intercontinental and domestic clients in the past 6 years. Not only to get oil & gas drilling rigs, but also for geothermal drilling rig, water well drilling rig, HDD machine, CBM drilling rig, Tunneling fed up machine, pilings machine, and so on
One unit of mud tank system is composed of various mud tanks with different features, different size and solids control equipments. The mud tank size and volume depends on the required storage amount, treating capacity, drilling degree, circulation rate, etc . Generally, there are 3 types of mud tank system as beneath:
(1) Small mud cleaning system for HDD, CBM, Waters well drilling, piling, TBM, etc small drilling computer, the required storage capacity required is definitely small , usually one storage space tank with mud mixing unit is enough besides the mud processing tank, sometimes just one mud treatment tank will do. Because the circulation is not shut, there is a mud pit while intermediate process.
(2) Big mud storage requirement oil and also gas drilling rig mud tank system, normally we have a shaker tank( processing tank), intermediate tank, suction tank, and 1~3 reserve tank( storage tank), diesel tank, water tank, pill tank, trip tank, etc . Normally the mud tank dimensions are bigger than container, it should be delivered by bulk cargo boat.
Mud tank system

(3) Liquid mud plant mud mixing tank system, the vast majority of mud tanks are regarding mixing and storage, together with only a few equipments like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, pushes, mud agitators, mud prints etc single solids control equipments on the mud control tank.
If you need a mud tank system quotation, could you contact with GN solids control to get a reasonable design in addition to good price.


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