Economic Mud De-sanding System for Drilling Cost Decreasing

GN is known to customers as being a specialized manufacturer of drilling mud cleaning system. Even though, the drilling mud system is classified as per diverse drilling project like essential oil gas drilling, CBM drilling, water well drilling, diamonds core drilling, horizontal online drilling and piling. Consequently , there are different mud-cleaning-systems appropriate for specified project.
Oil and gas drilling mud cleaning system needs full line solids control equipment and a large number of mud tank that are used to retail store the active drilling mud. The cost of this overall deal mud system is really large. Not all the drilling requirements large mud storage capacity. There are many drilling contractors doing work in the construction industry. A typical example of this is the piling job. Adding is an early stage task for modern viaduct and edifice construction. It doesn’t involve very clear drilling mud to become treated with less fine solids. A single de-sander would be ample for the mud cleaning.
Oilfield Mud Cleaner

GN did spend much time along with funds on design and also perfection of this type mud cleaning unit. Single de-sander cyclone unit may not sufficient to remove the solids, therefore GN’s de-sanding unit comes with an under located dry skin shaker. A buffer tank is beneath the drying shaker to catch the drilling mud drilling through the screen. Why this de-sanding model is cost effective, as it just includes cyclone and shale shaker unit.
It is worthwhile to mention is that this mud de-sanding unit could be connected with extra mud tank for significant mud capacity application, Just as the small HDD project. Owner can also add one independent skid mounted jet mud mixer to make a self-contained drilling mud system. The layout on this system could be much widely with less limitation on the jobsite area.
Every year, GN sends over 20 this kind de-sanding unit to the client. By choosing GN’s equipment, you may also get a recommended wear list of parts and user manual to help for easily operation and also future maintenance.




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