How you can Change the Fixed Speed GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge into VFD Control One

Evaluating with the VFD Controlled decanter centrifuge, the fixed acceleration one still has its gains, like the compact structure all together with the decanter centrifuge as well as its control panel, and the less difficult operation, no need to adopt another air compressor, and and so on
But still, the VFD manipulated decanter centrifuge is the merely choice accepted by the end consumers. Because the positive pressurized control panel is more suitable for advantages temperature conditions, and the simply changeable rotating speed, then this G force accordingly allows the VFD controlled decanter centrifuge to be suitable for much more applications like the middle velocity and high speed.
As the foremost manufacturer of solids control and drilling waste management and equipment, especially for the actual decanter centrifuges, besides the set speed decanter centrifuge, GN also produce normal VFD control panel decanter centrifuges and also the positive pressurized VFD control panels for decanter centrifuge. And GN Solids Control is the only Cina manufacturer who has positive pressurised control panel for alternative.
In order to change a fixed acceleration decanter centrifuge, take the best-seller model GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge as example, the end person need to change the 11kw back again motor for the decanter centrifuge into a VFD motor plus prepare a VFD control panel for changing the permanent speed control panel.
In regards to the VFD control panel, GN has double VFD ( centrifuge main motor along with back motor), three VFD ( centrifuge main generator, centrifuge back motor in addition to pump) for option. Relying the Exproof options, you can find flame proof VFD control panel which is similar while other Chinese suppliers, plus the positive pressurized control panel for option. If the options are a positive pressurized control panel, the end user should get ready an extra air compressor from jobsite as the air supply of the control panel.



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