Australia's exhibition GN150GPM mud cleaning systems

GN150 GPM mud cleaning system techniques show glimmer brilliantly in Australia. That is a small compact small side to side directional crossing drill drilling (HDD) mud cleaning system.
Designed. the GN a hundred and fifty GPM mud cleaning clean-up system specifications:
1 by mud tank : net capacity of 5k liters.
2 x centrifugal pump: one for penis-shaped screen for the pulp, 1 for the desilter for pulp.
1 X double terrace vibrating screen plus a number of 4 inches above mud cyclone.
1 x mud agitator with a mixture of funnel.

Drilling fluid in the borehole following sand pump to the cheaper screen the first level filtering to remove the large size sound particles, then into the sedimentation tank below. By the second yellow sand pump from the tank for you to above desilter of the 2nd filter, after desilter under the upper deck of the vibrating sex screen mesh third level filter. After after three-stage filtration purification of water is clean, can throughout the sand pump or terme conseillé to other sedimentation pool as well as storage container in order to use. In addition to the mud cleaning equipment, several mud mixed cell put in in the side of the tank. It is in the process of refinement, add the necessary drilling mud materials control mud excess weight.
GN150GPM, very suitable for tiny drill. If you want to consult in your case drilling mud system of drilling device, please feel free to contact GN Solids Control for detailed communication!

Geothermal Drilling mud system

GN solids control has designed many models of drilling mud system for geothermal drilling to be able to Turkey, Kenya and home clients. All the mud washing system is customized regarding special requirement by the owner.
Case study 1:
, GN 1000gpm drilling mud system for Turkey geothermal clients
With 2 VALUE PACKS SHALE SHAKER, GNZS594E-HB in addition to 1 SET MUD BETTER, GNZJ594E-2S12N, 3 SETS MAGNETIC TANK and all the components as the complete mud tank system package. This is the most effective sold shale shaker type in the recent years, with 4-panel shale shaker and the screen size is 585x1165mm, replaceable using Mongoose shaker screen. The actual mud cleaner is base shale shaker + desander cone+ desilter cone several in 1 compact style, the centrifugal pump since feeding pump.
Case study a couple of:
1500gpm hdd mud system 1

GN 500gpm drilling mud system for Kenya geothermal drilling,
Having 1 set of low weir shale shaker GNZS703D-HD, one set of desander, 3 value packs of mud tank system, 6 sets of mud agitator, 1 set of electrical generator. The low weir shale shaker is provided when drilling rig discharge pipe elevation should be higher than the shale shaker weir height additionally mud tank height ( from ground). If only you could provide the basic information within your rig site, we will take into account the design as user friendly.
Example 3:
Geothermal mud mixing system for domestic sector, 1 set of shale shaker, 1 set of mini mud cleaner with desander, 1set of mini mud cleaner with desilter, Two Mud Tanks completed with mud agitators, mud guns and shear pumps.
We provide rent and gross sales service in USA, nevertheless only sales service exterior USA mainland. If you need a new turnkey solution for mud recycling/ cleaning/ mixing/ storage/re-use/ disposal of geothermal drilling, water well drilling, olive oil & gas drilling, fossil fuel bed methane, horizontal online drilling, diamond core drilling, pls contact with GN solids control.

GN second New manufacturer put into use successfully

After several year’s production and progress, GN second new manufacturing plant officially put into use, the main creation line is decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer, which are also our primary products in the recent years. Often the manufacturing capacity will be elevated a lot after it is consumption, we can produce about 500 units of decanter centrifuge and 100 units connected with vertical cuttings dryer each year. This factory is near the first new factory, solely 2km far away, it is hassle-free for the client to visit look at around the both factories, as well as check all the equipments development.
The first new factory will certainly mainly focus on the traditional solids control equipments manufacturing, just like shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, mud agitator, mud tank package, etc .
GN new factory for centrifuge

Except for the next new factory, GN solids control also establish department companies worldwide, including YOU branch in Houston, ARIZONA and Russia branch with Moscow, also we produce representative agent in Central east, South America in addition to Australia. We have got API, ISO, CE, CU-TRU, etcetera certificates, especially GN brand name decanter centrifuges have been utilized widely in domestic in addition to abroad market, and get agreement and long term cooperation contract with international oilfield services companies.
Below are some photographs taken in our second brand-new factory:
We have lot of decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer in stock regarding client’s urgent requirement, these are the main equipments for driling waste management system, advantages and more requirements for driling waste management solutions via international and domestic industry. We provide various solutions various projects, as high speed decanter centrifuge, middle speed decanter centrifuge, variable speed centrifuge, and all of them will be designed to comply with specific explosion confirmation standard.
Welcome to visit the new factory in Beijing, China, and contact with GN sales team.


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