Australia's exhibition GN150GPM mud cleaning systems

GN150 GPM mud cleaning system techniques show glimmer brilliantly in Australia. That is a small compact small side to side directional crossing drill drilling (HDD) mud cleaning system.
Designed. the GN a hundred and fifty GPM mud cleaning clean-up system specifications:
1 by mud tank : net capacity of 5k liters.
2 x centrifugal pump: one for penis-shaped screen for the pulp, 1 for the desilter for pulp.
1 X double terrace vibrating screen plus a number of 4 inches above mud cyclone.
1 x mud agitator with a mixture of funnel.

Drilling fluid in the borehole following sand pump to the cheaper screen the first level filtering to remove the large size sound particles, then into the sedimentation tank below. By the second yellow sand pump from the tank for you to above desilter of the 2nd filter, after desilter under the upper deck of the vibrating sex screen mesh third level filter. After after three-stage filtration purification of water is clean, can throughout the sand pump or terme conseillé to other sedimentation pool as well as storage container in order to use. In addition to the mud cleaning equipment, several mud mixed cell put in in the side of the tank. It is in the process of refinement, add the necessary drilling mud materials control mud excess weight.
GN150GPM, very suitable for tiny drill. If you want to consult in your case drilling mud system of drilling device, please feel free to contact GN Solids Control for detailed communication!


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