Inexpensive top quality centrifuge for drilling rig

Decanter centrifuge can be the efficient equipment utilized to treat drilling liquids in oil and gas drilling, in CBM drilling and also in TBM projects.

To be able to meet different customers’ request, GN Solids Control have different model high-speed centrifuge GNLW363 and low speed centrifuge GNLW452, with large bowl centrifuge GNLW553, GNLW453, normal size centrifuge 14’’ and also the mini centrifuge GNLW223.

GN Solids Control is now the most professional Chinese manufacturer in oil and gas drilling area. It can make high standard decanter centrifuge to look after worldwide market who's concerning on the top quality. GN also makes economic standard to contend with China normal brand, cost low but the quality still much better than other normal Chinese brand.

Difference between GN high standard and GN economic standard

1) Bowl material and conveyer:

High standard centrifuges use Duplex Stainless 2205 by centrifugal casting, while economic standard use stainless 304 material

2) Screw protection

High standard centrifuges use interchangeable Tungsten Carbide Tiles, while economic standard centrifuge use ceramic tiles.

Remarks: Normal Chinese brand just use hard surface welding. The security materials are very thin. It is not easy for maintenance or prepare.

3) Bearing brand:

High standard centrifuges use famous label SKF / FAG original bearing. While economic standard use NSK brand bearing.

4) VFD control system

High standard centrifuges are 3 VFD for primary drive motor, back drive motor and feeding pump. It uses PLC for wise control. The VFD panel is positive pressurized for hazardous areas. With ATEX or IEC standard for option.

GN different standard decanter centrifuge can be used as both solids control and drilling waste management area. For those who have any inquire or any question on mud solids control & drilling waste management area, please make a contact GN Solids Control Company for solution.

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