GN Mud Recycling System for ZJ30 rig

ZJ30 rig solid control equipment is drilling mud dealing with system that is coupled with machinery and electric control. The machine mainly includes 1 ea. bunker (trip tank incorporated), 1 ea. storage circulation tank, 1 ea. mixing tank, 1 ea. trip pump SB4×3J-11-11KW, 2 ea. GNZS594E-HB linear motion shale shaker, 1 ea. GNZJ594E-2S12N mud cleaner, 1 ea. GNJBQ075A mud agitator, 7 sets GNJBQ110A-D jet mud mixer, 2 ea. GNSLS45A Jet Hopper, 4 ea. SB8×6-13J centrifugal pump, 8 ea. GNNJQ80A-3X mud gun and lighting, pathways, hand railing etc.

ZJ30 Rig solid control system deals with the drilling mud by grade. It may circulate the drilling mud by bypass funnel based on drilling request, and may also weight up, mixture, shear, or mixing etc. The clean water pipeline provides water that is clean to drilling mud circulatory. Drilling mud mixing system can mix and offer drilling mud to solid control system. Trip tank and trip system provides drilling mud to wellhead directly. Mud gun pipeline and mixing system can mix the drilling mud fully.

Mud recycling description

Mud discharged from the well through elevated manifold (pipeline put into the bracket). Mud can flow into two shale shakers individually or both by control the pipeline valves. Mud flow in to the sand sedimentation compartment after shakers treatment. Mud may also be released to tank or from tank directly by pipelines.

In the sedimentation tank, the drilling mud is distributed to cyclone of mud cleaner by 1# centrifugal pump; the treated mud is distributed to sedimentation compartment. Mud within the desilter tank is distributed to cyclones of mud cleaner by centrifugal pump, and treated by desilter then to another compartment. All of the treated mud could be overflowed to another compartment or by mixing flow line.

You will also find another pipe flow lines, it’s vital that you know how these pipes out and in. In most cases, solids control or drilling waste management systems are the essential way to control the running of the liquids.

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