9’’ waste management decanter centrifuge in USA

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge description

GNLW223 is a 9’’ mini size decanter centrifuge. 9 inch means the size of the centrifuge bowl diameter.

The GN Mini GNLW223 Series Centrifuge is specially designed for small capacity, small footprint and fine solids separation.

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge application scope

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge is designed to cater for drilling fluids recycling in different drilling site, such as:

1) Mining drilling rigs, e.g.: diamond drilling.

Remarks: GN also offers complete tank system with min shaker for optional.

2) For waste water treatment with super high speed, such as for oily sludge separation

3) For drilling waste management 

9 inch mini decanter centrifuge technical description

1) Centrifuge model: GNLW223

2) Max. capacity: 150 Liters/Min

3) Normal capacity: 100 Liters/Min

4) Bowl diameter: 220mm

5) Max. bowl speed: 4900rpm

6) Typical bowl speed: 3800rpm / 4500rpm (Customer choose suitable typical speed per jobsite condition and advice GN before order)

7) G-force (typical): 1770

8) Main drive Horsepower: 15hp (11kw)   (Single motor design. Back drive motor not available)

9) Conveyor type: Axial

10) Gearbox ratio: 57:1

Production Standard API Q1 & ISO/TS29001 & ISO 9001:2008

Stainless steel material: Bowl, Conveyor, Main body made from Stainless Steel:SS316L

Abrasion Protection:

Screw protected by Tungsten Carbide Tiles.

Solids Discharge Port protected by interchangeable Tungsten Carbon Alloy

Explosion Proof Motor And Control Panel:

USA UL / Europe ATEX Certified Motor option available.

Normally explosion proof Mark: Exd II Bt4 (Class I, Division I)

GN Solid America is a branch brand belongs to GN Solids Control (China). GN offers stock centrifuge in China and in U.S.A for sale. Beside sales services, GN Solids America offers rental service within U.S.A. Till now; customer can rent decanter centrifuge normal size and big bowl from GN Houston warehouse, and vertical cuttings dryer for water base mud, oil base mud and synthetic base mud drilling cuttings.  

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