Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge for Africa Drilling Rig Program

GN decanter centrifuge is a vital component in drilling liquids cleaning system on the drilling rig. To keep drilling fluid within an optimum condition leads to less wastage, a higher efficiency from the solids control system and reduced operating cost. Particularly in Africa oil & gas drilling market, GN decanter centrifuges are identified by the drilling company, Oil & Gas Company and contractor.


1. For separating fine contaminants or solids, mechanical separation of solids from drilling liquids by using a decanter centrifuge is really a highly-effective way of maintaining proper drilling mud density and viscosity. GN decanter centrifuges have abilities to keep the mud condition inside the recommended range based on drilling program. Generally, decanter centrifuges would be the last processing within the closed loop solids control system.

In weighted drilling mud, decanter centrifuge recover a lot of heavy barite, which is used again within the drilling liquids system. Within the general application, centrifuges are utilized for getting rid of the fine solids and contaminants.

In dewatering systems, decanter centrifuge considerably reclaim the liquids and enhance solids control system efficiency


Decanter centrifuge model: GNLW363CG

1.14” bowl diameter with 50” length for 130gpm capacity

2. Explosion proof standard motor and user interface assure the safe working atmosphere.

3. Ceramic protection and different design feeding method assure GN decanter centrifuge sturdiness

4. Simple adjustable liquid pond control water content of solids.

5. Variable speed drive can also be obtainable in GN decanter centrifuge to regulate the rate from Revolutions per minute to 3200 Revolutions per minute to be able to satisfy different mud condition.

According to your process needs, we wish to optimize your decanter selection including large capacity of centrifuge GNLW553 with 400GPM, high rotary speed of decanter centrifuge GNLW223 with 3800RPM and occasional gravity GNLS452 for barite recovery application. GN decanter centrifuge is dependent on your actual requirement.

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