Decanter Centrifuge Speaks Loudly in ADIPEC

speak! Comparing Chinese CIPPE and other exhibitions all over the world, that become a policy of GN Solids Control. This simple sentence is right the one GN Solids Control 's essence, no matter our stretage: The one inside wall will finally know if the flower blooms outside.  Or what we insist: Quality first, price second.

Still the same, the market get more and more competitors, lots of them have stronger financial support, maybe better payment term, maybe more fancy exhibition booth. Whatever, we still focus on one simple thing: make top quality products. 

This time we brought the most popular product in our company: GNLW363 decanter centrifuge :

Typical speed:  fixed speed, 3200rpm. ( Belt pulley with 2700rpm/2500rpm/2200rpm is also available if request by customer)

Bowl diameter and bowl length: 14 inch and 50 inch.  This size is much similar as Derrick DE1000 centrifuge and Swaco 518HV centrifuge .

Effective treating capacity: 30cbm/h.  This capacity is also similar as Derrick DE1000 centrifuge and Swaco 518HV centrifuge.

A lot of clients are invited to our booth, to check the centrifuge, to meet with each other, talk about business face to face. Just busy! Then also, getting more and more business. 

ADIPEC maybe not so big liek CIPPE, or OTC, but is an exhibition focused on local market, nearly all the clients keep going there every year, to meet with customer, suppliers, or just walk around to find something new. GN SOLIDS CONTROL have been there 3 times count on this one, and it is getting better and better, a lot of customer just expecting to meet with us there. It cost far less then check the factory in Beijing. 

We just proceed another lot decanter centrifuge manufacturing, but it is already sold out. Preparing another lot proceeding, if you get any related inquiry, pls let us know in advance. 





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