GN Mud Cleaner Combined with Desander Cyclone and Desilter Cyclone

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the first Chinese API certificate manufacturer of solids control equipment and system for gas and oil drilling. Inside a complete group of solids control system, you will find 4 stages solids control equipment-shale shaker, desander, desilter, and decanter centrifuge. Today, we’ll discuss the 2nd and third stage management of desander and desilter cyclones. The desander can separate solids over 40 microns, and also the desilter can separate solids over 20 microns.

Ordinarily a desander cyclone includes shell with mud inlet port and liquid outlet port onto it, cone body, stop by Apex and hole nut which could adjust the outlet from the stop by Apex a desilter cyclone includes spend with mud inlet port and fluids outlet port onto it, hooking up cone tube stop by Apex and hole nut, as well as elbow hooking up the cyclone towards the fluids discharge pipeline. When working, the mud is going to be inject towards the cyclone inside a tangent line direction with a feeding pump using the certain pressure, then mud is going to do rotary movement. The lighter fluids will move ahead after which flow out with the fluids discharge pipeline the heavier solids will move downward and dispersed out with the stop by Apex.

Generally, cyclones could be put together into 3 kinds. The first is desander cyclone alone or coupled with an underflow shale shaker the second is desilter cyclone alone or coupled with an underflow shale shaker the mixture with desander and desilter cyclones and underflow shale shaker. The 3rd one with compact footprint can help to save much space. And also the underflow shale shaker can be used to drying the solids released in the cyclones to remember more helpful fluids. Next, the fluids are going to be shipped into decanter centrifuge for more treatment.

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