Need Fixed Speed or VFD Decanter Centrifuge

The answer is not actually here, as what you need is not a centrifuge, but a solution, which help you save / earn money. Here comes a lot of questions, for the decanter centrifuge, we have full hydraulic, VFD, Fixed speed and so on. Many many options. Which one is more helpful?
GN Solids Control have sold a lot of fixed speed, also a lot of VFD ones, and keep doing research on the full hydraulic ones. Well there is no firm answer on this question, depends on who is using this, for which application, and what is our purpose. and so on.
For some application, we use one fixed speed, one variable, sometimes two variable centrifuge, or two fixed speed decanter centrifuges. What is the difference?

If the client is professional on the mechanical stuff, or digital regulation, VFD is very helpful, as it controls everything. Rotary speed, differential, and so on. So just try and find what you need.
Also if sites changes every day, every shift, we do not know the taste of next chocolate, then we need VFD for flexibility.
Another benefit you will get from a VFD centrifuge is it starts up smartly, saves you energy, and as you know, save your trouble of running a big motor equipment.

It is really hard to say which one is more convenient, if all we need is push a button, and forget the operations. This do not mean we forget the maintenance. As smart VFD touch panel is different with smart phones, no need you keep touching every part to keep it in a funny way.
But the fixed speed is easier operation, in some way. Just like the phone, if you only need to make call or text msg, the first mobile from Nokia or Moto works well. Then why you are using smart phones. :)
Except this, the maintenance of fixed speed panel is also easier, as it have less components. Electrical components, which is meaningful especially when you are on the offshore site, and no electricians available.

Full hydraulic seems save a lot of trouble and indeed a lot of clients like it. While, there is not that much good suppliers yet, which means if there is some good product, the price is not that lovely. But pls keep tune with GN Solids Control, we may have some good surprise.





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