GN Superior Waste Management System

GN solids control (GN) provides leading the drilling fluids waste management system for cost-effective fluids management within the oil and gas drilling industry.GN specializes in differentiation through innovative design and process improvement to suit a variety of requirement. We recognize the best practices in project management and technology improvement, and specialize the implementation to a host of drilling fluids waste management applications.

Priority Equipment

By extensive research and field proven we have produce a machine of significantly reduced fluids waste minimal reduction of fluid cost.

The third generation GN vertical cuttings dryers have proven to be the preferred units for drilling cutting recovery and reduction of liquid discards throughout solids control industry. GN vertical cutting dyer has consistently produced as low as 5% oil contained on cuttings .Apparently, it will meet with the most of strict environment and discharge regulation. Air cleaning system and flushing system ensure the cutting dryer smoothly working performance. All of rotary components are done the balance testing assure the long time service.

GN also combines the high performance decanter centrifuges to the waste management system to further reduce the cost solids / liquids separation. There is no doubt that GN decanter centrifuges are designed for reliability, efficiency and constantly deliver high performance.

For example:

1. The feed chamber has been designed to reduce turbulence as less wear on the centrifuge.

2. The screw is protected by the tungsten carbide tile to resulting handle with the large solids content drilling fluids. The scroll also has been promoted to increase solids handling,

3. Higher flow rates with relative lower the power consumption resulting convenient operation and lower maintenance costs.

GN Solids Control is committed to resolving the all kinds of drilling fluids problems through field experienced engineer and technical solutions in order to developing long-term relationships. Contact with us today and find a best solution for your project.

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