WBM waste management overall solution

OBM waste management is necessary for drilling rigsite environmental protection. It may revolved in vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, thermal desorption unit etc . We have supplied over 20 sets OBM waste management system in order to overseas market and local market. The working performance regarding GN OBM waste management system win high reward from clients and they provide repeat order to GN Solids Control.
WBM waste management total solution

In some countries, there may be policy for no opening drilling. Even Water primarily based mud, the drilling business cannot dispose it straight into mud pit. Our company style and design WBM waste management entire solution for no opening drilling company. The equipment may well but not limited to below things:
1) 2 sets Excessive G dryer, GN higher G dryer is replacement Derrick High G dryer, working performance is similar and also price is better.
The 2 value packs High G dryer can collect the waste produce from shaker.
After addressed by High G dryer, the liquid mud head over to centrifuge to lower down the actual mud weight, and then return to mud tank system to get drilling use.
After handled by High G dryer, the solids go to renforcement unit for final cure
2) Waste management centrifuge with storage tank
Right after treated by centrifuge, the actual liquid mud go back to mud tank system
After taken care of by centrifuge, the solids mud go to solidification device for final treatment
3) Solidification unit
The renforcement unit will accept the sound mud come from the shaker solids discharge and centrifuge solids discharge. When operating the particular solidification unit, cement suggestions lime will be added to correct the mud in a kind of more stable. Finally, the particular dry mud solids may be storage in a dig concrete pit.
GN Solids Control just provides one established solidification unit for Halliburton project in Africa. Your customer bought it from us straight and provides service for Halliburton. We will update to completely new inquiry with more jobsite data of Solidification unit earning a living for Halliburton project.





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