ecanter centrifuge for waste water recovery

Centrifuge is a core separating unit. It utilizes centrifugal push to separate the particles as well as liquid from suspensions, or maybe separate two different thickness and immiscible liquids via emulsions. Decanter centrifuge the kind of centrifugal machine. It is popular in oil and gas drilling arena, for food industry, regarding chemicals, for waste waters treatment and oily sludge separation.

Below is a common proposal for water bottom part drilling fluids treatment
While decanter centrifuge cannot enable big size particles along with cannot treat high solids content material. Firstly, shale shaker or mud cleaner, desilter should be used to remove the even bigger particles and reduce the mud weight. From this step, the majority of particles over than thirty micron will be removed.
Next step, a middle rate decanter centrifuge (GNLW363CG, GNLW363CG, or GNLW452) can be used to further more reduce the solids content inside fluids. Decanter centrifuge in this step can be fixed acceleration, and use a middle acceleration to reduce the mud bodyweight. From this step, most contaminants over than 5 ~ 6 microns can be removed.
For the reason that separation point of high acceleration decanter centrifuge is two ~ 5 micron. There are actually high content ultra good solids cannot be treated. In this instance, the chemical dosing system (also called dewatering unit) will be used before high speed centrifuge. Flocculant will be used in this stage to help the solids relax and easy for treatment.
A high velocity decanter centrifuge (GNLW363CG-VFD, GNLW453C-VFD, GNLW553C-VFD) will be used together with the dewatering unit. Chemicals and drilling fluids will be mixed ahead of enter into centrifuge bowl. The particular dewatering unit decanter centrifuge should be variable frequency control. Operator can adjust to find out the best option speed and G power to optimize the overall performance. GN Solids Control offers different pan diameter centrifuge for solution: 14’’, 18’’ and big dish 22’’.
After above treatment method, the solids phase will be dry enough for automobile shipment, GN do even offers drill cuttings solidification product for treat the solids.
And the fluids phase can easily meet the industry discharge necessity in most countries.





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