GN After Sales Team in Cyprus to Do Commission for GN Drilling Waste Management System

As brief introduced in last blog of the main working principle and equipment, GN drilling waste management system is always used on drilling site. But for the one in Cyprus, the customer collected drilling cuttings from the site and stored them in big pits. During the commissioning in Cyprus, after about four days preparing work, we finishing made it, and the customer is very satisfied with the treating effect of vertical cutting dryer.

Firstly, we fixed the main equipment ( vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge) and feeding pump the support frame. And then we lifted the whole system to the using site near the cutting pits. One problem is that the platform is a slope surface with about 5 angles. Finally, the customer chose a relatively plat ground to place the whole system, but the distance exceed the length of feeding screw conveyor for vertical cutting dryer. While the customer figured it out by using container to pour cutting into a hopper, and the fall into the feeding screw conveyor. Then there is liquid floats on the surface of cuttings which is impossible to delivered into vertical cutting dryers with up slope screw conveyors. While we mixed it when pouring the cutting into the container from the pits. Finally, we finished assembly. And our engineer has tested all the machine in a good condition.

After all the preparation work, we started the testing work. The treating effect was satisfying, and the customer very pleased with that. Though working on the site is hard, but it is fruitful that GN machine can meets customer’s requirements. GN has always stick to an excellent after sales service. Also GN is improving its product regularly. The vertical cutting dryer used in this system is second generation.

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