GN Linear Shale Shaker with Max G force to 7.5

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a top and 1st API certified manufacture in China of solids control equipment and system. She is now occupy the biggest international market portion among China’s solids control company. Here I’d like to introduce one of GN main product shale shaker. It is the first stage treating equipment in a whole set of solids control or mud system. It play an very import role because it will separates relatively large solids out and then it it possible for the next equipment mud cleaner and then decanter centrifuge to treat clean and recollect the wasted mud.

GN shale shaker adopts dual motors which rotate automatically and simultaneous but in opposite direction, leading the shale shaker do linear motion movement. Some of the spare parts are interchangeable with international brand. The shake motors are advanced G-force motor with stable and long service life. Regarding to the shaker screen, GN linear motion shale shaker adopts both flat and pyramid screens from 40 to 200 mesh, and two or three or four panel are available for option according to different treating capacity; GN adopts a unique design with wedge locking of screens to reach a much better sealing effect. Worm gear adjusting device on each side of the shaker connected by a worm shaft makes it possible to adjust the deck angel simultaneously from -1°to +5 °during drilling. GN shale shaker has an excellent performance in anti -corrosion because of the complicated painting process: sand blasting; acid cleaning; spraying with severe anti-corrosion paintings.

With these advantages, GN shale shaker is widely used in solids control system for oil and gas drilling; mud system for HDD, Tunneling, Bore Piling and Geothermal drilling; and also in oil sludge treatment system.

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