GN Mud agitator

mud mixing system for that drilling process. The primary function is blending/mixing the drilling liquids to be able to keep drilling liquids viscosity and density. However, it'll avoid the solids sediment at the base of tank. Thus, efficient mud agitator plays a huge role within the mixing process.

GN Mud Agitator Features

1. GN provide both single impeller and double impeller that is specific for that deep tank mixing application and finish suspension the drilling liquids

2. GN begin to offer from 5 Hewlett packard to 30 Hewlett packard different type mud agitator matching for various capacity of blending tank

3. Impeller diameter begins in the littlest 25 inch towards the greatest 44 inch large section of mud tank

4. Upgraded model --- Coupling Rubber Lining connection 1. Coupling type connection is simple for upkeep of the apparatus box and never essential to take apart the motor. Rubber coupling connection could get rid of the imbalance hard pressure, so when switch on, the coupling connection functions like a buffer to be able to lessen the harm to the motor.

GN Mud Mixing System

In particular, GN Solids America provides the integrated mud mixing system including mud gun, mud agitator, centrifugal pump , hopper and mud tank. GN often provides 250bbl, 350bbl, 400bbl and 450bbl mud mixing system for that oil & gas drilling. Mud gun and mud agitator suspension the drilling liquids avoid the sediment. Centrifugal pump and venture hopper are mixing various chemical for example polymer, bentonite or barite with water with the mud tank system. GN Mud mixing system includes enough equipment for high-efficiency and versatile mixing of drilling fluid for traditional drilling procedures inside a restricted area. Every machine within the system continues to be selected is the most suitable, lightweight and effective component for that intended operation.

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